Those who forget their past…

I don't live in my past i live in my presentDoes your life get better or worse if you do forget your past? Also, Is that true that if you do not know your past or your history, you are doomed to repeat it?

So, I was just thinking if those sayings are applicable for the past full of negative experiences or also for positive? Let’s assume you did something and it made you feel happy. Have you even been able to recreate that happiness? I doubt it. No matter what choices you make, the end result is different. It might come close to whatever you have felt or experienced before but it is never the same.

Everybody knows that you can’t repeat your past, good or bad. You can make similar choices that end hurting you but knowing or understanding previous mistakes are not going to change anything.

Then why do you need to remember?

I can see opponents saying that you need to ask the right questions about your past and if you do, you are most prepared to live life to the fullest in the present. Is that true? And who knows those right questions? Is there actually anybody credible who has figured this “Life”  thing out and knows how it works? Yes, there are all kinds of books teaching you meditation, teaching you self-awareness, teaching you the right way to live, love and succeed. But, the honest truth is, so-called gurus, still struggle, still are searching for answers, still as confused as one might get.

Past, future….it is all one – just an illusion that we have created for ourselves.  It is just time that has passed by and left footprints that we do not clearly remember, understand or can confirm to be true. And why do we need to waste precious time of living to remember and ask questions about something that might not even be true and cannot be repeated?

Wouldn’t that be more productive and enjoyable to pay attention to what is going on today?  It has happened to you  and I know it has. A friend tells you about something that you did some time ago and how happy or unhappy you were but you can’t remember. So, do you think your life is worse or better because you do not remember?

I will make a statement that I believe is true and most likely somebody has already made it before me: Those who forget their past are happy. What you do not know or remember can’t hurt you…

I go with a flow and I know that whatever happened, happened because I wanted it to. I might have not liked it and maybe I was far away from being thrilled about it but it was the best that could have happened. I do not know if tomorrow will come and what it will bring but I know for sure – future is going to be perfect. It will be a hell of a ride and I will enjoy every second of it – good or bad, happy or sad, bliss or agony – because that is what life is about…


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2 responses to “Those who forget their past…”

  1. mickcgorman says :

    I think we need to remember that our past helps to make us who we are but there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on or living in the past. But what do I know? I struggle to remember what I had for breakfast. 😀

    • Dace says :

      You are constantly changing and who you are depends on choices you make right here right now. Would you say not remembering what you had for breakfast sets you up for failure? Are you less happy? Would remembering make everything better?

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