We Are All Ugly

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Like every morning, I was on a train heading to work. That morning I felt like I was coming down with something and my head was just not right. I felt that my sensory receptors were all messed up. The sound, the smell, the vision, the touch – everything was misfiring. Things that usually were pleasant and enjoyable suddenly seemed annoying and out of place.

I was looking around and realized that everyone was ugly. Every single person on the train was ugly. It’s amazing what some kind of flu can do to you and how it can impact the way you perceive the world around you.

Even though I was looking around in total horror, I knew, this was not the world I knew; this was not the world that I loved.  However, it was a really good reminder of the fake world I live in. The reason everyone seemed so ugly was – advertisement. You know, all those posters on street corners and TV ads that show 1/100 of a population that is deemed to be beautiful to convince you to buy stuff.

The reality of it all is that you are targeted to think that stuff you buy online will somehow make you better, somehow will fix your imperfections, somehow will make you more desirable, prettier, more handsome, more …

I know my worth. I know that posters lie when they tell me that the only way to be happy is to be skinny, to have a perfect face, perfect features, perfect teeth, and etc.

I do not need other people’s approval to feel content.  I know that. I know that I and only I am responsible for my own happiness. I know that neither clothes nor lotions will improve my self-confidence. I know that happiness is not obtained by owning things or by looking a certain way or by achieving a certain status in our society. But, I also know that there are so many people that do not know that, do not feel that, and do not believe that they are enough.

This world has become a rotten place. And what I mean by that is that everything is driven by a desire to be rich, to be independent, and to be well off. People want to be successful businessmen/businesswomen, so they buy information and education on how to cater you and how to reach into to your insecurities. People want to attract the right audience to sell their stuff but, it seems, that instead of addressing the need, they actually create Despair. Do you really need botox or that new cover-up foundation to hide your imperfections to make you perfect?

I know that but do the majority of society does? Do you think that young teenagers know the difference between marketing and reality?

I knew that the ugliness of people on the train is actually the utmost perfection of our Mother Nature. You are beautiful because you are ugly. I mean it. Ugliness is not being ugly. Ugliness is an amazing uniqueness of you being you of being different and it is a beautiful thing. Ugliness is the real Beauty. Ugliness is just being different and being unique and not looking like a face on the poster.

Think about it. You are loved because you are not like everyone else. Sometimes it takes a lifetime for people to realize that sometimes it is a curse to be considered beautiful as everyone is seeing you as a trophy or some kind of a magical unicorn. You are the eye candy, the trophy, the poster on the wall, that is used because whoever is pursuing you, most likely, is extremely insecure and struggles with the low self-esteem. They look for a poster to display to feel good about themselves. They don’t care about what you like or what makes you happy. You are just a very expensive prestige thing to show to others. It’s almost like you are the ugly thing that no one wants for who you are but wants you for the value that you are.

Of course, it doesn’t always fully apply to everyone. There are exceptions to this rule. I am just talking about my feelings riding the public transportation and comparing people to the only reference I had – a poster of pretty people that I saw on the platform before I boarded the city train.

It is amazing how simple things like posters can make you write a blog post just because your body decided to take a day off. At the end of the day, “ugly” is the new beautiful.  I am ugly, you are ugly, everyone is ugly. We are ugly in one way and beautiful in many other ways.

We are ugly to some people and the most beautiful thing in this world to others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – a well known saying.  In my world, the most important part of that train ride with ugly people is that I actually enjoyed the experience. It was mind-blowing, it was disgusting, it was funny, and it was so thought-provoking. That was exactly what I needed.

So, let’s be ugly and love it!

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