Serendipity All the Way (Awakening Challenge)

Being Awake

I took on a challenge to write about My Awakening and Moving on. Barbara is inspiring and I really like the way she shares her experiences and encourages other people to look deeper into themselves.

So, here is my entry for January 9th.

Awakening to who you truly are…is a lifelong process for some, a quick rock bottom for others, and will never happen for the rest of people.

Awakening is not a logical state one advances to. It is not something magical or something everybody should have or even want. Furthermore, it is not something that only a few chosen reach. Awakening is when you see things in their true light. Awakening is when you understand the difference between perception and reality.

Like the rest of the world throughout my life I had moments when I was utterly confused and lost. I did not know who I was, what I was doing here, and what my purpose was. So many times I felt like I was in a theater watching everybody else on the stage playing. They were so close but so far at the same time. Once in a while I felt like I had found my place but it lasted just for a few moments and I was back in the dark hole again.

I started looking around for answers. I wanted to know why nothing feels real, why people feel fake, why I feel fake, and why the truth is lingering in the air, but is so unreachable and always slips away.

I started my journey by reading books. Robert Scheinfeld’s “Busting loose from a money game” and Jed McKenna’s The enlightenment trilogy.  Then I also explored Scheinfeld’s online program, “Path To True Joy”.

I chose to go down the rabbit hole. Two things turned my life upside down.

” how do you know that you are not dreaming right now?”

” you are going to die!”

As more I thought about them as deeper I reached within myself. Once you ponder long enough, life changes drastically. Let me ask you; if you found out that you will die tomorrow, what will truly matter today? What are things that will be important to you?

Exactly! I can see your marbles moving. Try to think about this for a while. Do not sweep your fear away, do not run, do not get back into your comfort zone and pretend like this doesn’t apply to you. YOU WILL DIE. The question is when – in 5 minutes, tomorrow, in 20 years?

We live in a world that is built on fear, false beliefs and rules that are not ours. We create layers and layers of lies, convictions, personalities, and roles. We get told and taught what is true, how we are supposed to live, what to desire, and how to think.

The truth is that THE Truth is out there. It’s all around us – in every moment of our lives, in sayings, in books, in poetry, and in quotes. One day you might have an AHA moment and you will never look back. You will not be able to. Once you see the truth, you can’t go back to the ignorance.

” Life is a dream, realize it.”
“Don’t believe what your eyes are showing you. All they show is limitation.”
“I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy. ”
“The process of enlightenment is not about becoming who you really are but about unbecoming who you never were.”

I know, you think you understand what these quotes are telling you, but let me tell you that most likely you don’t. If you did, you would not struggle, you would just be…

I’ve had glimpses of the truth. I have seen it, I have felt it, I have experienced it, and the more I allow myself to go with the flow, the happier I am. Once you see that people around you function and live based on fear (death, being different, disappointment, not fitting in, not living up to expectations, wrong choices), you start feeling the truth, you start embracing it, and living it.

What am I talking about? What kind of truth?

When you were born, you were an empty book. You had no understanding of what was right or wrong. You did not know what was good or bad. You did not have a set of words to describe things and you did not have experiences you associated with words and their meaning.

Now your book is almost full of references, words, and beliefs. You are a walking breathing Wikipedia of your people (parents, neighbors, teachers, friends,  community). You live according to rules and beliefs that they taught you. This is a fact and it is the Truth. Your whole life is based on belief system of lies.

If I ask you to tell me what “bad” means, you will reach inside your memories and a collection of words and feelings to give a good description. Where did you get all that? Where did your beliefs, convictions, and morals come from? They are not yours. Remember, you were born without them.

Once you stop judging everything and once you stop comparing everything to a “good – bad” scale, you start living.  If things just are, not good or bad, you experience them in a whole new way. You realize that you are not bound by them anymore. There are no such things as” I have to”, “this is the right thing”, “that’s what people do”, and etc.

Once you start realizing the falseness of who you have become, you start unlearning who you have never been.

There is only one thing you need to remember – everything in your life, including people, are the projection of your inner self and your beliefs. For something to be true, it has to be true for everyone.

Most of what we interact with is not the world itself. Those are our beliefs about it, our expectations of it, and our interpretation. We filter everything through our personal belief prism. We can’t just stand aside and allow things unfold as we have a very difficult time observing events without confusing them with the thoughts we have about them, and so the majority of what we experience is imaginary things.

It was a long way to this point and I still have a long way to go to be fully integrated and not divided with the Universe, Mother nature, and my own world.

However, I am still a spectator in the theater but this time I do not feel that there is something wrong because I know – it is my play. I choose to play whatever the game is. I am not a slave to my beliefs. I enjoy everything that comes my way as I trust in myself and the Universe that whatever needs to happen, whatever I authentically desire, it will be just given to me in a way that is the best – be it a heart ripping loss of somebody close or a lottery winning.

Happiness is not a goal or a destination, happiness is a journey. Beliefs are limiting. Fear is paralyzing. Wants are based on false beliefs. You need to unlearn everything you know and everything you have considered true, and find The Truth.

The next Post, January 10th is Korinn’s awakening experience… –

January Challenge Schedule…

1st     Barbara  –
2nd    Paddy    –
3rd     Emanuel-
6th     Julianne –
7th     Sarah     –
8th     Shree     –
9th     Dace      –
10th   Korinn    –
11th   Sindy     –
12th   Stefanie –
13th   Mick      –
14th   Joss      –
15th   Megan   –
16th   Pat         –
17th   Marga    –
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29th    Debra       –
30th    Linda        –
31th    Michael     –

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22 responses to “Serendipity All the Way (Awakening Challenge)”

  1. barbarafranken says :

    You ask..Tell me what you think… but I know that your light is shinning brightly… You sure do exist and choosing the games you play in life’s theatre… with your feet firmly placed, one in the physical world and the other in the world we are creating together… you are shaking the world into awakening… IAM so excited to hear your journey here, knowing that with more and more hearts blossoming, emerging from a state of deep sleep… we are making a difference, living our truth and creating a peaceful and loving world… It is happening, we just have to see it… to feel it… Thankyou Dace, Barbara

    • Dace says :

      seeing and feeling – yes, Barbara, I can’t agree with you even more. Everybody has to see and feel for themselves as that is their world, their awakening to whatever they need ….

      thank you for your comment

  2. Dotta Raphels says :

    I can see where you are going with this, and I like it!

    What you have here sounds easy enough, but it’s like teaching a forty year old right handed man, how to do everything with his left hand. It’s not impossible, thank goodness, but it’s hard work,lol

    I too feel the world is too wrapped up in what the eyes see and hands touch. W e must learn how to walk in the dark, feel our way through uncharted paths and trust that we may stumble and fall sometimes; but we will eventually get to our destinations,

    Wishing you all the best still, as the walk continues 🙂

    • Dace says :

      what I have hear is what I see and feel. That is my world. Everybody has their own journey to take. Some people will be sucked into a rat race for the entire duration of their lives.

      But you are right, teaching somebody or trying to explain if they are not ready, would be almost impossible.

  3. Wildflower Women says :

    I love your sharing and yes we will all die, but to be able to hold onto this moment is what is important in the grand scheme of things. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    • Dace says :

      Yes, exactly – we all are going to die. And if you think about it, nothing else matters except how you are going to live and enjoy your life. Beliefs don’t matter, status doesn’t matter, money helps but still doesn’t matter as, most of the time, it doesn’t bring authentic relationships and it creates a false sense of security.

  4. lindalitebeing says :

    I really enjoyed your post and I think that awakening does require years of “undoing” and excavating to return to your “center”. I do disagree about it not being necessary for everyone. I think that awakening is an essential purpose for life. But, in alignment with your premise, it is not important what others think 🙂

    • Dace says :

      I agree that it is not important what others think but I am sure that you can agree that for some people the path they take is not the same as yours.

      I am not arguing about the necessity. I am saying that everybody has their own way, their own adventures, their own awakening if that is what they authentically want.

      There are things we want. But it is not about wants, it is about what we authentically desire. Desires that are not based on beliefs. Not everybody is meant to awaken. Not everybody;s path leads to a different state. We can play this game of life either being aware of the game or we can play it being fully immersed and not being aware.

      if your desire is to find the truth, you will be searching for answers and eventually start awakening. But if your desire is to play the game the way it is, you will stay in the darkness like majority does…And it is also ok…

      • barbarafranken says :

        It is sad to look around and see so many people are so involved with their physical reality and probably won’t realise their other potential that is there for them in this life… but then a bus can come along and run them over and they have a miraculous recovery and see a different light… Barbara

  5. Sue Dreamwalker says :

    ” It was a long way to this point and I still have a long way to go to be fully integrated and not divided with the Universe, Mother nature, and my own world.”….

    Loved reading your own awakening journey, and the above sentence speaks volumes to me.. We do not just wake up, not unless we have some N.D.E or something, which alters our perceptions over night.. Our awakening can take time and often trauma to bring us to the point where we ask ourselves who are we really? and when we start asking those questions, the journey begins.. For no longer do we take what others say as truth.. We seek out our own Truth and our Truth alters each day as we discover new perspectives new paradimes to measure what we learn by..

    Lovely to meet you.. And looking at your title for your blog,, ” The Long Way Home” .. We are upon our Home journey.. through the discovery of Self..

    Wishing you well upon each new step you make..
    Blessings Sue xox

    • Dace says :

      You said it beautifully as you summed up what I meant to say in a few sentences.

      Thank you Sue for stopping by and taking your time to read what I have to say.

  6. meticulousmick says :

    Absolutely brilliantly written from someone who obviously knows a lot about the subject. Very well pout too, not patronising or anything like that, but easy to read and understand (IMHO). A post from a thoughtful, sincere individual. MM 🍀

    • Dace says :

      thank you MM. Unfortunately, I definitely have no way of claiming that I know something about the awakening. It is my experience, my journey, and my thoughts.

      the same way you can’t claim that the way you see the world is the only way. However, your photos definitely speak volumes of your inner world and it is beautiful. 🙂

  7. Val Boyko says :

    I really enjoy your perspective on awakening to who we really are. Thank you for sharing! When we get it we have the freedom to choose whatever the game we want to play. Its all about our own experience … and thats what makes it hard to describe. You did it beautifully!

    • Dace says :

      thank you Val for summing it up in one sentence: “When we get it we have the freedom to choose whatever the game we want to play…”

      That is exactly what I wanted to say. Once you unlearn all the beliefs and learn to see the world for what it really is – you can be whoever you want and you can play any game for as long as you want. Relationship games, work games, and etc…and it definitely is about our experiences.

  8. shamanictracker says :

    Wow this was very intense! And it reminded me a lot of somebody I was close to for many years and who I still love deeply 🙂
    I totally recognize that the death and dying peace of my shamanic studies and shamanic path has been the most challenging by far… Our lives are driven by death, whether we are aware of it or not. But being conscious of our/my mortality at every moment, is at the same time the most freeing feeling ever.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! xox

    • Dace says :

      Most humans are not aware of things around them, be it love, death, lies or even their own existence, as they are more focused on the material world then living.

  9. Holistic Wayfarer says :

    Wishing you peace in the journey.

    • Dace says :

      I am not searching for peace, my friend, I am searching for living my life to the fullest and enjoying everything. So, in this case – peace or whatever comes.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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