Some of you who are here are curious, some of you are looking for a confirmation that gay people are total sinners and freaks of nature, some of you have no idea how you got here (yeah, right), some of you are looking for information, some of you are bored out of your mind, and some of you are fanatics and totally in love with gay community (and have no idea why).

It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that you are here and you are willing to expand your horizon.

I have always wondered why we divide people in communities, slap labels on them and feel proud to belong somewhere? Of course, having some things in common does wonders. But we are just people. People who are different, but not really! We were born in different parts of this world, we have different skin-color, shapes, hair color, language, and temporary traditions and beliefs.  I say it is temporary, because human mind is not a rigid entity. We develop, observe new information, learn and change our beliefs accordingly.  Nobody stays the same throughout their lives. Unfortunately, humans have come up with this inappropriate label system that slaps labels on everything and everybody. No matter how you look at it, no matter what angle you choose, we are just human beings who are either stuck in our emotional development or have exceeded expectations.

For those with a great sense of humor, here is my every day’s routine. If you don’t have it, please do not read. And if you do choose to read, then...

I get up in the morning, take shower, brush my teeth, pet my cat, kiss and hug my honey while naked in front of the open curtain. My neighbors enjoy this, especially male neighbors. They bring their chairs and sip on their coffee while enjoying two women naked making out just for them.

I have my coffee while working on a list of schools I would hit to recruit new potential homosexuals. I target catholic schools first. So, I sip my coffee and I methodically choose schools for my recruiting while my honey is flipping through the catalog of rewards. For every 10 recruited new homosexuals I get a prize. As more I recruit as bigger the gift (microwaves, boats, vacations, cars, plaid shirts, etc).   I get paid by a secret society of homosexuals that fund all my projects and training.  I train new homosexuals to recruit more homosexuals. We have a boot camp and it is mandatory for every new recruit to be brainwashed.

Every afternoon, I sit in the bushes and observe youth that comes out of school and I make lists and lists of all potentials.  As you know, we have it down to science as every school has an infiltrated agent. We are everywhere and we are watching you.

Once I am done recruiting, I spend my time planning and carefully preparing to take over the world by getting same-sex marriage legalized in every single country. It is not because we want to get married. Our goal is to morally and physically interfere with a normal process of “one man and one woman” together in a holy matrimony.  We threaten the world and heterosexual marriages. We know how fragile this heterosexual marriage is and we know that it is easy to break up these marriages just by giving them an opportunity to marry same-sex person. We know that the moment this opportunity will be presented, 80% of all heterosexual marriages will fall apart. The number is actually higher.  

I work overtime as this project is really important to me. I can’t sleep…I can’t eat…We are so close!
Actually, I have bigger plans. My dream is to see a change made in the Constitution of the United States of America. This change will state that MARRIAGE is a union between “one man and one man” AND “one woman and one woman”.  Wouldn’t that be great?

In short, this is my day every day. In the evening, when I come home, I share my successes and failures. I update my spreadsheet and write down names of recruits.

FYI…I made it up

I understand that it is okay to be straight. It is not a disease. They were born that way and there is nothing wrong with that. God loves everybody!

11 responses to “LGBT”

  1. Neatkarīgais says :

    Sounds exactly like my daily routine! I’m updating my spreadsheets so I can claim a new blender as we speak 😉

  2. Dace Sevcuna says :

    we are everywhere…. 😉

  3. Bill says :

    How about “Marriage is a union between two human beings?”

  4. me says :

    Hahahahahaha love the routine

  5. adoptionista says :

    This is hilarious! My partner and I have been together for a few years now and are raising two adopted babies (kinda twins, but not really). So glad I found my path and true happiness, but it’s painfull sometimes waiting for the rest of the country to catch up. You can read our story at 🙂

  6. ywwp says :

    Agree on your part with all respect and dignity. Take care. regards –

  7. Carolyn Page says :

    Hahaaa… Well said, Dace. Leaving with a smile… 🙂

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