Unapologetic Conversation

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It has happened before us, it is happening now, and it will keep happening way long after you are gone – people always have an opinion.

The greatest thing about an opinion is that it is based on what you think is true today. It is just an opinion, which might change, morph, or stay the same. An opinion is not a fact, it is not everyone’s opinion, and it sure should not control how you feel about yourself.

Sometimes the journey to the realization that you do not need to apologize for who you are takes too long and sometimes you never make it. Sometimes you never accept yourself for who you are because the judgment in your own head is so loud that it overpowers everything else.

Why is it so hard to be kind to yourself? Why is it so hard to be proud of who you are? Why do you want to be unique but still be part of the crowd and be accepted? Why instead of finding reasons to be happy, sometimes, we waste our time tearing down others in an attempt to stop feeling the pain?

Why sometimes instead of following our dreams and following our hearts we take into consideration other people’s opinion and give in the popular choices? We give in and then feel like we have no control over our personal lives; we feel trapped; we drown in the ocean of emotions and insecurities.

And when you hit the rock bottom and start feeling like you can’t breathe, you look for ways out and the only way to do so is to have an honest no bullshit conversation with yourself and the world around you.

So, what does that mean to have an unapologetic conversation?

First things first – you have to stand up for what you believe in while you look your fear straight in the face. As long as you are not hurting someone intentionally, you need to stay true to yourself.

Don’t ever allow yourself to become what other people think you should be. Your dreams and your happiness don’t have to fit the popular path. You are your own person.

Always thrive to better yourself. Don’t ever apologize for wanting to be more.

You need to remember that it is human to struggle and that sometimes you have to make decisions that might leave people behind, might leave people unhappy about your decisions, might leave people disappointed, and might leave people heart-broken but as long as your decisions do not do harm to anyone, you should not feel guilty.

Be honest, be emotionally raw, be transparent, be passionate, always be yourself regardless of how weird or unique you are. Don’t ever apologize for being you even if people attach labels to you, even if they assume things about you, even if people feel intimidated by your confidence, even if people try to humiliate you (it’s because they want to be you). Remember, everything we have today, every human rights advancement, and all scientific discoveries we have, it is because of people like you.

People, who never apologize for who they are and follow their dreams, have gotten us where we are today.

The path is there for you to take. You just need to start with that first unapologetic conversation.

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2 responses to “Unapologetic Conversation”

  1. Carolyn Page says :

    Well said, Dace…
    “you need to stay true to yourself.” 🙂

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