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“The Last” Forever

wpid-IMG_20131207_090738.jpgHave you ever thought about THE LAST in your life? The last book you will ever read? The last kiss you will ever give? The last smile you will ever see? The last walk through the door in the house? The last lick of your dog or your cat? The last, whatever that is that you hoped would last forever and would be there every single day.

I am not exactly sure what made me think about this but I spent quite a few moments today pondering around all my lasts and it made me tear up. Some of the lasts were not actually “the very last time” but they felt like they were at that time. Some of the things, experiences, humans, pets, and feelings turned out to be the last when I thought they would last forever.

I consider it to be a gift of life to be able to wake up in the morning and feel. It is a gift of life to be given the time to feel one more time, to experience one more time, to enjoy one more time, to freak out one more time, to be in awe one more time, to cry one more time, to laugh one more time, to say “bye, see you later” one more time, to hug one more time, to feel one with Nature one more, to look into someone’s eyes and feel love one more time, and to take another breath one more time.

The most amazing and the cruelest thing in our lives is Change. Without it we would be lost, we would stay where we started, and we would continue existing in non-existence. The change also brings a lot of lasts and that is the reason we fear it. Sometimes Change brings joy, excitement, growth, happiness, and opportunities, but sometimes Change brings pain, loss, confusion, regret, fear, and total chaos. No kidding, talking about one’s growth.

One of the paradoxes in our lives is the fact that sometimes what is the last for us is the first-ever for someone else or vice versa.  Isn’t that one of the Murfy’s laws?

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