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1…2…3…You Are Not It


I am walking down the street. I see you but I do not care for you. I see others and I also do not care for them. Sounds insensitive, sounds offensive, almost sounds like somebody to isolate from the society.

But, guess what, you are also walking down the street and see me, and you also do not care for me. You do not care for the person next to me or the person behind me.

You will care for me only when you have a space for me in your life. You will care when I mean something to you, only when I either create positive or negative emotions. So till that day comes, you don’t care.

As longer you live as more you understand that your space is reserved and it has a limited capacity. As more people you let in as more cluttered it gets. This doesn’t mean that you are a selfish person, that you are a snob or that you are a cold-hearted person. This just means that you know who you are and what you need to be able to grow.

There is nothing wrong with not caring and there is also nothing wrong with caring as you have to be extremely careful and keep your space available for those who come into your life to either leave footprints in your heart or teach you a lesson.



One Life Many Plunges




At first, I wanted to write about being more kind. Then I wanted to write about anger. A bit later I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to share my frustration and then I wanted to share my displeasure with the ignorant people who can’t see beyond their own selfish needs and wants and intentionally stay narrow minded. I wanted to but then I changed my mind.

There is only one world that we share. There is only one little bundle of air, water, and earth, and we together are trying to either save it or destroy it.

There is a whole bunch of us, amazingly knowledgeable and experienced but ignorant at the same time. We either know a lot about one thing and nothing about anything else or we know a little about a little, or we are just full of empty air and think that we know everything.

Some days I feel like I am running around with a plunger trying to unclog the shit that I have produced in my own life. I can also see others joining me with their plungers randomly buzzing around and helplessly hoping that the answer to their ability to breathe freely is unplugging something.

Unfortunately, it is all just for fun. You can run around with the plunger but if you create a world around yourself by making wrong decisions, by surrounding yourself with wrong people, by not choosing to be who you are, or by choosing to follow rules that you do not understand, then you just feel foolish and still are that person with a plunger.

Your life is only yours to live. You have only one chance at it. You can take as many plunges as you want and, most likely, right after somebody has already told you about the same plunge they took, but as long as you learn to appreciate the journey you are on, you should be able to realize that the freedom to inner peace has nothing to do with blaming others or yourself.

People do what they think is right. People might cause a lot of problems, they might anger you, and they might hurt you really badly, but remember, you are also that somebody who does the same thing to others.

Start with being kind to yourself, everything else will somehow fall into places.

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

hamsterThe other day I was told: ” You are not serious enough, you know. You are not taking life seriously.”

And I thought to myself:” Thank you for reminding me not to get sucked into the rat race too deep.”

I don’t know about you, but when somebody tells me I am not taking life seriously, they are the last person I will take any advice from.

Life is too short to be a hamster in a wheel. It is too short not to spend it laughing, goofing around, and maybe sometimes spinning the wheel for the heck of it.

I like to keep my priorities straight. I am here to enjoy no matter what life brings me. I know I do not have much time. Yes, it might be 120 years or it might be just a day left but I am spending that given time the best way I can. I am laughing, I am smiling, and I am living while I am doing my job and working hard.

You can work hard and laugh while you are doing it. Being grumpy and dead serious doesn’t mean you do your job better and being silly and goofy doesn’t mean you are sloppy at what you do.

So, I am taking my life very seriously – not suffering, just enjoying.


You are just an option

sunrise-3Don’t let somebody be your priority when you are just their option.  Wouldn’t that be a sad day when you realize that somebody you care for sees you just as an option?

I guess, we all have people in our lives that are just options. You like them, you enjoy their company but you just don’t care for them so much. There is no way around it.

What’s great about my or your life is that we can change it. You can go from “an option” to “a must have” in a heartbeat if you choose so.

The biggest paradox in my life is that I realize – I do not matter but I do matter at the same time. You matter to yourself and to some people and you totally do not matter to the rest of the world.

Once you think about it and it sinks in, you see the world in a way different way. You are allowing yourself to see that you and you alone can make yourself happy. You can let somebody else in and allow them to participate in your happiness but you also have an option not to.

After all everybody else is just an option.

Secret In Your Eyes

We all have a journey but not all of us have a destination. For some odd reason some people think that everything we do in life leads us to some kind of mystic happiness.  Not everybody realizes that happiness is a journey not a destination.

Even funnier is when people think that everybody needs to follow the same rule – you need to do something to get somewhere and that somewhere is definitely a destination and that destination always is happiness. It does get even better – that something is a meaning of your life or an understanding why you are here, what you are meant to do or be, and that is when you reach the ultimate goal – HAPPINESS.

But guess what – you get there and you are still not happy. Of course, that must mean that you didn’t fully properly defined what that something you need to do or have is, so, back to the drawing board.

Bzzzzzzzzt……wrong answer….

Happiness is a journey and not a destination. That changes the whole game.

If what matters is a journey and not a destination, then the path you choose better be good. I do not mean, accepted and approved by everybody – relatives, friends, society. I mean, it better be good for you. It better be the one that you look at at the end and gasp for air in excitement:” GSUS, what a ride!”.

Honestly, how being a rich person is different from being a homeless person? It is not. It is a different journey, a different path. Being rich just means that you are addicted to things, money, and status, and you have chosen a different path to get where you are going. Being homeless means that you have different things that you are addicted to. You may not have a roof over your head but that is just an illusion that having a house, a job, a credit card is better than having a paper bag with a bottle of rum in it.

When you die, it will not matter anymore. Who cares how you got there? What matters is – was it a hell of a ride and did you get a kick out of it?

As humans, we have a tendency to judge. We keep comparing things and people to some idealistic illusions on what our life should look like even though nobody has a clue – what the meaning of life is or what our purpose is.

I guess, the moral of the story is – Stop trying to do the right thing. Listen to your heart and enjoy whatever comes.

What does this post have to do with the subject – secret in your eyes? Everything and nothing. When you feel lost or you get overwhelmed with the information and expectations that come from people around you, remember, you know the truth – it is your journey, not theirs. Look into your own eyes, into your soul, take a deep breath, figure out what your heart wants to do and take a plunge.

Again, you should not live a life that others think you should. You should take your own path, you should fall, trip, succeed, drown, take drugs, drink, become a millionaire, live on the street, marry five times or don’t marry at all, have or don’t have kids, buy a house or two or live in a tent, have worms as your pets… It is not about being weird or being an outcast, it is about taking your own journey that will end up in death. Nobody escapes death…so take the journey that catches your breath, that brings joy and happiness.

As some smart intelligent people have said: “…when you came into this world, you cried and everyone else laughed and smiled. So, live your life the way that when you die, you are the one laughing and everyone else crying…” It translates to – enjoy your life.

Enough Is Enough…


Courtesy of Askmissa.com

Do you have a parent or a family member or a friend that brings nothing but a bad energy into your life? You know, one of those people who is always blaming everyone else. One of those people who always bullies, shames, and puts you down.

That one person whom you love but definitely try to avoid because it always ends up to be not just an uncomfortable experience but also a reason why you sometimes doubt if you are who you think you are.

Most of the time those who bully or hurt others are hurting inside themselves and putting it out on somebody else is the only way they know how to cope with their own pain. You might think it is silly, but that is so real and so true for many people.

When one does not know how to deal with their own pain, they lash out. However, just because they are in pain, you do not have to accept their behavior. You do not have to put up with that. Remember, you always have a choice.

You can’t save the world, but you can definitely choose people you want in it. Family is the one you choose and home is where you make it.

Life is complicated enough so you should not allow somebody to steer it direction you do not want to go. Regardless if they are considered family or not.

We spend every day trying to maneuver between possible and impossible,  real and perception, dreams and reality, wishes and desires, fears and courage, and we do not have time to waste trying to deal with people who build roadblocks for themselves and others around them.

Life is enjoyable and full of wonders. It is an amazing journey and not an obstacle course that is created by somebody else, even if that somebody else has given you life.

Not worthy


Courtesy Of Google Images

How do you know your value? You know, you go through life and compare yourself to others. What do you compare yourself to?

Looks? Style? Salary? Choice of career(s)? Shoe size? Vocabulary usage? Length of your fingers or toes?

Questions and more questions. My point is that you can’t compare yourself to somebody based on superficial values. Once you do it, you undeniably place yourself in the “not worthy” category.

What is the most important thing in this life? And the answer is…..drumroll….HAPPINESS

And what makes a person happy? Definitely not things. Things are nice to have but they bring only short-lived joy. Happiness is a feeling and this feeling is generated by experiences with other people, nature, and activities that you enjoy.

In other words, when you say that someone is out of your league, you are saying that money and status trumps love and respect.

Money comes and goes. Jobs are not forever. Looks change. You can go from rich to poor in a second and vice versa.

It is Journey that you choose to take together with the other person that makes your life worth living.

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