For Those Who Are Against Not Having It…

wpid-IMG_20131207_090738.jpgYou know that you go through life wondering why you do not have all the money in the world or why you do not have the perfect relationship or why your job is draining your energy or why you can’t have what you think you want. We all do, we all wonder why we don’t have something.

Some of us feel like we do not deserve something or we are not worthy or we are not smart enough or we are just not capable of or something is just impossible for whatever reason.

As humans, we always focus more on something that we do not want or do not have instead of something that we already have. I guess that is a human nature. Why would you focus on something that you already have and have been enjoying if there are so many things that you want but do not have?

We already know that life is way too short to sweat the small stuff but we still do. Sometimes we are lucky and somehow we manage to not care about certain things but, no matter how you look, we still always somehow pay more attention to what we do not have instead of appreciating what we do have.

When I look at myself, I see that whatever makes me feel good and content will not keep me focused for long and I somehow always manage to shift my focus on whatever makes me feel uncomfortable or makes me afraid or makes me angry or annoyed. And sometimes I even ask myself why I am so silly and focus on things that I do not want and not focus on things that I do want.  If something makes me happy and makes me content, wouldn’t it make more sense that I would want to keep that feeling and keep paying attention to it more than a fear of potentially losing the happiness?

I do not know about you but I keep laughing at myself and some other people who keep saying that they want to win the lottery because they want to quit their jobs and have a lot of money. At the end of the day, once you buy a house and a fast car and maybe have your personal plane, you will run out of material things that you can buy and enjoy, and you will still be missing the whole point of your existence. Money gives you the opportunity to enjoy material things of life but it doesn’t change your thinking.

No, I do not know the meaning of life and, no, I do not have answers, but I still believe that the reason I live is to enjoy the journey of life. There are only two things I know to be true – I exist today and I will die one day. No matter what I believe is the purpose of my life, what will matter at the end of it all is – did I enjoy my journey and do I regret not doing something?

We can join groups of investment gurus, we can sign up for all kinds of courses on self-betterment, we can even mentor someone on how to be happy but, at the end of the day, it is still a group of people who do not have whatever they think they need to be happy and whatever they need to live fulfilling lives.

I am learning to let go and learning to stop fighting the flow of life. Me fighting and resisting everything that comes, just makes me more miserable. Stressing out and complaining about things will not change anything, it will just magnify the feeling of discontent, and then the feeling of discontent will create an environment of additional reasons to complain. It’s like a vicious circle.

So, let’s join more groups with those who are against not having it, so we can strategize and discuss how horrible it is to not have whatever we want and desire instead of letting life take its course and give us what we want.

Simple thing – stop controlling everything…just let go


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One response to “For Those Who Are Against Not Having It…”

  1. Barbara Franken says :

    Love your post… it gave me a giggle cause many are thinking/doing just what you say! Yes enjoy all life has to offer, embrace it all and slowly we each realise who we are underneath the nonsense, the attachments etc…

    I’ve put up another writing challenge… 2 years later from our last collaboration on our awakening journey… thought it would be nice to create part 3 to share how/where our own journey is going as our consciousness expands. You can check out the following post, I mention it at the bottom. Much love to you Dace… Barbara x

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