We Are So Dead…

dead endDo you really think you are living? Do you really think that your life is meaningful? Do you really….?

I can sit here and ask these questions for hours because I already know the answer. The answer is:”… no, I don’t..”

One moment it might feel like I am doing alright and heading the right direction but then, again, I have no idea where something leads because it never lasts. Nothing ever lasts. It is exactly the same as enjoying something you like – a candy, a cone of ice cream, an apple, a piece of steak, or…whatever makes you feel content, it’s just a second, maybe a minute, or maybe a week, but at the end, it all crashes and burns.

The funny part is, it never lasts. I have not met anybody who can say – yes, my life has always been steady without changes, without worries, without pain, without a loss, always the same. Have you?

That’s life. There is always something that brings a change into your status quo life. I am not talking about little things like a car breaking down or raining or a grocery store running out of the butter or not being able to watch that hockey game because your cable TV just dropped dead. I am talking about those things that change your life in a meaningful way.

Don’t you ever wonder if being part of the society is what kills us? We are expected to go on like an ant in a colony, just doing your part, so your neighborhood, your community, your district, your city, your province/state, your country survives and thrives but you just die off and get replaced by a younger model.

Do you care about what happened to a previous person in the job that you have now? Do you care about the family which lived in a house you are in? Do you care about someone who lived 100 years ago?

What do you care about? You only care about things and people that are important to you. You only care if it somehow impacts you. Guess what! So does the person next to you. They don’t care either about you or things that are important to you. They only care about things, people, and situations that they deem important.

So, no matter how you look at this situation you are in right now, you are dead now and you will be dead later. There is no moral to this. There is no lesson in this post.

There is nothing important unless this speaks to you. Life is exactly what it is supposed to be – an empty canvas that you get to paint. Even if you paint it bright, it might still be as dark as it gets.

There is no such a thing as happily ever after. There is only one – a struggle that you get to experience and choose how you handle it – with a smile and a sense of adventure or with an ” oh, poor me” attitude choosing to be a victim.

We are dead men/women walking with no purpose but definitely with a choice….


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