Walls To Avoid

wallHaven’t you thought that it would be wonderful if you could just stop hitting your head against same walls? Sometimes it seems to me that I can never learn the lesson.

The adventure of the repeated nonsense and the foreseeable end result could be something to write a book about but it gets old and gets definitely annoying.

I thought about it and decided to come up with the list of most common walls we as humans keep hitting and wondering why things never change.

The list of walls to avoid:

  1. The Trump wall.

    I don’t mean it in a political way. I am talking about the wall that he hides behind. Some people are so insecure about themselves that they require a constant approval from others on how great they are. They keep trying to boost their own confidence by affirming to people something that they think is extremely important for them to know. Something like – I was chosen by so many people; It was the best ever and will be remembered forever.

    This wall takes us nowhere. We keep going in circles and, eventually, people turn away from you. They get tired of hearing how great you are and how many wonderful things you have done. They start seeing you either as a person who constantly puts himself/herself above everyone else or a person who needs help.

  2. The wall of flying under the radar.

    This is a tricky wall as there is a slippery slope. You either do good because you are just a good person and you do not need an acknowledgment or you do it because you need to prove to yourself that you are a good person.

    How do you know which category you belong to? I guess, if you keep doing good and feel that you are not doing enough and you do not get satisfaction, then you are hitting the wall.
    Whatever you do, make sure that you do not do it just to make yourself feel useful and worthy. You do not need to save the world to be somebody.

  3. The wall of Ignorance.

    This wall comes in so many colors. Anywhere between living in denial and being afraid to change anything to just simply choosing to be ignorant while being well aware.

    The wall of ignorance is usually the one that always leads to an extremely painful outcome. Karma is not a nice person, she always finds a way to pay back.

    Are you ignoring your illness? Are you ignoring your financial troubles? Are you ignoring your unhappiness? Are you ignoring somebody else? Are you ignoring your feelings?

    I have gotten hurt so many times by this wall that I have to say that at times it seems funny and at times it definitely does not seem funny at all.  However, I have learned to question my attitude – Do I ignore the obvious? And if I do, why do I ignore it? If I keep this up, how hard am I going to hit the wall and how much is it going to hurt?

  4. The wall of self-pity.

    Don’t we all know this wall intimately? “Oh, poor, me!”….”Why me?”..”What did I do to deserve this?”…

    If you are hugging this wall and keep hitting your head for years, it’s time to step back and give yourself a chance to have a life.

    If you use this wall to get yourself back on track, then this wall is just a step to have that heart to heart conversation with yourself and then pulling yourself together and moving on.

    Self-pity and Trump’s walls, in general, make your life miserable.

  5.   The “I can’t do it..” wall.

    I love this wall. Anytime I don’t have the guts to admit to myself that I don’t want to do something, I hit my head against the ‘I can’t do it” wall. Anytime I am afraid of failure, I end up going at it.

    It is a brilliant wall, that’s for sure… can’t I really do it or I am afraid to do it or I don’t want to do it?

There are so many other walls that we should probably keep an eye for and maybe try to avoid them. Nothing good comes from them. They impact your growth. They definitely impact your happiness as I have yet to experience any feelings of happiness after hitting my head or plastering my entire body against the wall. Even though we are talking about emotional walls, the pain and discomfort these walls cause, are quite detrimental.



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