Sweet Talk, No Action

bulbEvery morning you wake up and you wonder how the day will go. You might be doing what you have always done as this is not a thinking matter anymore. It’s like a conveyer belt – get up, shower, eat, coffee, lock the door, get to work, sit down, get more coffee, socialize, work, go home, eat, do a few things for yourself, and go to bed. And repeat….

At one point in time, you might even have had a light bulb go on in your head and you had a realization that you are wasting your life.

You might have even come home and started looking at self-help gurus to get out of this rut. You know and you have felt that it could be different. You see yourself in that damn hamster wheel and, no matter what you do, you just can’t get out.

Oh, well, not the first time, not the first effort, and not the last effort or the last time. You will read, you will meditate, you will make changes, and you will get back to the rat race. And it is, honestly, because that is what we have been taught. It is something that our parents have done, it is something that our friends and family do on a daily basis.

How are you supposed to be different if everybody around you does exactly the same thing?

I just giggle…even going down the path of awakening or changing the way you think, you still are going down the path that a huge part of the society is already walking. Yes, and there are thousands of them, maybe even millions. Nobody is inventing anything new.

Religion, Buddhism, Spirituality, tree huggers, bug lovers, meditation gurus, cults, communities, juicers, and etc….It is all sweet talk and no results. And there will never be any results because, no matter how you look, you are still in a rat race. Just a different rat race, but still it is a rat race.

So, what’s the solution? There is none and there will never be. Regardless how many books you read, no matter how many seminars you attend, no matter how much you isolate yourself from the crowd….it is still the same crap….

This is not a sad realization. This is not a desperate awareness of a really shitty situation. This is just a reality check. This is what it is and it will be what it will be.

You can’t control your life, you can ‘s steer it the direction you think you want to go, you just need to go with the flow. What the hell does that mean? Who knows…

All I know is that nobody has ever gotten out of this alive and nobody has ever found the world peace. Then why in a world should we thrive for something we don’t understand or have a clue about?

The best we can do is to acknowledge the fact that this is how the life goes and keep this awareness while going through life. Once you have this realization you go through life like an adventure and not a torture. Ups and downs, sadness and happiness, anger and bliss – round and round and round we go.

There is a difference between living your life in ignorance and living your life with an awareness. What’s the difference, you ask?

Living in ignorance is living and feeling like you are a victim of circumstances. Living with an awareness is living with a knowledge that life is random. There is no luck, there is no way to control it, there is no happy ever after.

There is some kind of ending and it can be happy, it can be scary, it can be horrible, it can be…who knows what.


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