Occhiolism: The awareness of the smallness of your perspective

No kidding, right? Since when my or your perspective mattered in the Universe? Not enough that Planet Earth is on nobody’s radar in the huge Universe full of other galaxies, you or I might not even exist. And our opinions or perspective is just a laughing matter.
I know, sounds cruel.
I shrug my shoulders and acknowledge that I know that. I know that my perspective is just mine. It matters to me and maybe a few other people but even then, those people also care only about their own perspective.
It is because we care about what WE feel and we care about OUR lives and some people in it; we care because our physical and psychological well being depends on it. We spend so much time in our heads thinking and re-thinking and then thinking a bit more and the only thing that has always mattered was – me and my perspective.
Unfortunately, my perspective is extremely limited. It is based on what I know and what I believe in. And these are not set in stone. I learn every day and I adjust what I know and what I believe in depending on the new information.
How many times you have said or thought: Holly shit, I didn’t know that? How many times after finding out, your entire perception or understanding of something has drastically changed? I bet, many times.
I guess, what I am trying to say is that no matter what you think or what your perspective is, it is a small drop in a huge bucket of swirling water. It is just a perspective after all.
So… love passionately, stand up for what you think is right, never stop learning and adjusting your constantly changing perspective, and never forget to look deep inside your heart to check if the path you are taking is still your path.

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