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Day 5 out of 5, let’s talk about Being …

I was wondering about the topic I want to tackle as my last little challenge when I stumbled upon a post written by a guy I was following a few years ago. His name is Steven and he is paralyzed. One little mishap of trying to dive into the pool and he ended up with a broken neck and unable to breath on his own.

Steven is bed written and can blog only by using voice. His writing is catchy and well done. It sucks you in.

Every time I had an extremely hard day, I remembered him and I had no excuse for feeling sorry for myself. That was just a day and that was just a temporary experience. It will come and go…

“…There is a way to be happy again despite living with a disability, a way to have a purpose and a way to be thankful for all that you still have….” says Steven.

The word BEING has so many meanings and it means so many different things to people that it is almost impossible to try to use more words to explain.

Being is like an amazing adventure with all kinds of curve balls, ups and downs, smiles and tears, anger, happiness, frustration, and excitement.

Being is like everything and nothing at the same time. Being means something only when you have a meaning behind everything you do. Yes, even if that is a spontaneous action.

Being is not just existing. It is more like your thoughts and feelings going on a fritz to catch a moment of life. I know, way too philosophical but when I think of the word Being, I also think of Steven and realize that there is so much more to living a fulfilling life than being able to physically move around.

Some people don’t have that luxury but it doesn’t mean the end of life, it just brings another dimension of being.

In reality, it is so easy to give in and eventually give up the opportunity to live if you have a disability and if that disability means that your body is just a structure to house your living spirit.

I am not religious and I do not mean spirit in a religious way. Spirit of a person, spirit of an amazing living person who has so much to give this world, and who loves life despite of it being complicated.

Most of us, people with all legs and arms and ability to move around and have a physical contact with others, only imagine Being as a combination of physical existence and emotional needs to be accepted, loved, acknowledged. We think of the meaning of life, we think of us and the reason for us being here.

It’s not like people with physical disabilities do not ask: who am I or why am I here, but they see existential questions in a slightly different way. Some of them carry the burden of the society’s opinion of them, they carry the burden of labels that are attached to them by the society, and they carry the burden of being different.

It’s hard to explain what I am trying to say but just the word – disabled – is a label attached to a person because they can’t exist in a world that was built for fully abled.

I do not have a physical disability and I don’t know how it feels to be in a wheelchair or have a prosthetic limb or how it is to be paralyzed but I am pretty sure it is not easy, especially in this world.

So, when I think about what it means to be, I am sometimes wondering if I am actually living or just existing.

Does being in this world encourage you to explore, feel, enjoy, live to the fullest, or being in the world is just making through the day hoping that somebody else will save you?



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3 responses to “Being”

  1. Barbara Franken says :

    The body and Mind is indeed a structure to house our spirit… unfortunately religion hijacked our spirit, separated everyone from the part of them that is truly BEING in each moment without judgement. I tried to explain this to my mother who is ‘fed up’ of being not able to get out, entertain people and spending lonely hours waiting for her family to visit… but her religious beliefs won’t have it… The holy spirit is the only one to come in your body and make you whole (heal)… so she is waiting… she is not BEING, unless you can say she is being an empty shell, a victim to life. So to me, BEING is the part of you that is alive and can choose ‘depending on the circumstances’ how they spend their life.

    We must remember our spirit within is our light body, a love that is our natural state of being and is all powerful. Now that we are ‘no longer’ enslaved in the dense vibration of earth (for the past few years higher vibrations of love and are still continue to bombard us to awaken the light within). We can focus on our heart and soul desires, imagine how we want to live in love, joy and freedom AND it will come to pass. We must trust this now. We are that powerful and it will happen for all that believe and choose to focus on BEING a vessel of flowing love, joy and abundance. Love to you Dace x Barbara x

    • Barbara Franken says :

      I meant to add, I loved your post and thank you for being YOU. x

    • Dace says :

      I hear you, Barbara, it is painful and sad to see our parents being lost in their own beliefs and not being able to question any of them. Actually, it is more painful to see that they choose to live in ignorance and suffering because that is what the life is about, right? Suffering and not enjoyment. Being miserable and not joyful.

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