Day 3 out of 5…

They say – be strong, they say – never give up, they say – work hard and be persistent.

I guess, the problem is in the fact itself – they say. It is not about people encouraging you or showing their support by repeating famous words of others that have achieved something.

It is about you reaching the point in life when you have to make a change or stick with whatever it is.

Sometimes strength is being able not to be strong and actually give up. How long do you have to hit your head against the wall to figure out that maybe the wall is there for a reason?

Sometimes what you really need is – to give up and stop fighting and see what happens.

Strength should be used wisely and should serve a good purpose to do the right thing.

Being strong doesn’t mean being a leader, being the pioneer who breaks walls and dies testing new technology. Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean fighting to the end and doing things that others have deemed unreachable.

Being strong means doing the right thing at the right time and knowing when it is alright to be weak. Sometimes the sign of being strong is allowing yourself to be weak.

Once you face your weaknesses, you will know how strong you are.

Strength of a person lies in the ability to be honest with themselves and others. Strength lies in the ability to lead and to be lead, in the ability to help others and receive help.

But at the end of the day, strength is just a feeling inside that makes you feel that it will be alright…



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