Day two out of 5 grabbing random words off posters or Google images.

One of the quotes that I read recently and that stuck with me is as follows:

“…there are two types of pain in this world. Pain that hurts you and pain that changes you…”

You and I already know that emotional pain is inevitable, the suffering is optional though.

When I ask myself what emotional pain means to me, it is always the same answer – Ego gets bruised.

Either somebody thought they were better than me or I didn’t get the credit for what I did, or nobody asked me, or someone doesn’t like me, or nobody invited me, or nobody knows who I am or…etc., it always comes down to Ego.

It’s not like you can get a pony to ride around and eat ice-cream for breakfast. Self-realization, self-esteem, ambitions, jealousy, ignorance, self-centered wants, and many more wants and needs contribute to who I have become and what I think I deserve.

I guess, the emphasis here is on: what I think I deserve!

Of course, there are so many stories of abuse, bullying, poverty, and inequality, and everyone should be treated equally and have a decent level of living, but this time it is not about that.

It is about what I think I deserve and what I really really, seriously, really really need and if I do not get it, I am hurt. And this pain, my friend, is classified as bruised Ego.



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