Zygomorphic Nonsense


Courtesy of a-z-animals.com

Today is day 1 of 5 when I randomly pick a word and get my creative juices flowing.

Boring fact:

When a flower can be divided by a single plane into two equal parts, it is zygomorphic, or bilaterally symmetrical, as in the snapdragon, orchid, and sweet pea.

It’s amazing to remind myself that I live in a world without knowing how things work. I have a little bubble around myself with the knowledge that I have gathered over the years but till the day I die it will still be a small bubble. I will not be able to even scratch the surface of all the knowledge that we as human beings have accumulated during our existence.

I read a paper on scientists testing what kind of flowers (shape) bumble bees train on to be able to identify which flowers allow for more precise pollen placement. Apparently, it is all about the approach and access.

Zygomorphic is a term only used to describe the shape of the flower but in our world it would be – symmetrical.

It kind of reminds me of the human brain. We have to halves and they are extremely different even though they might look identical to an average eye. It’s like having two different personalities living in one apartment and not being able to co-exist without being dominant.

So, I was just wondering (the bumble bee approach issue sparked this) if depending on which side of the brain is in charge, we like or dislike different kind of people.

Ability to fall in love with two different people that have nothing in common – would that have anything to do with the state of our minds, meaning, which lobe is in charge at that point in time?

Of well, as the title says – zygomorphic nonsense.



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