When In Doubt, Love Is Not The Answer

sims-2-randomness-01-2-728You hear it all the time – love always wins. No, it doesn’t. You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it. It is true only in movies and books.

Yes, it is hard to admit that love can’t solve all the problems. However, it is even harder to admit that you have no clue what your life or love is all about. I am not even talking about which person is Love of your life. I am talking about such a simple thing as knowing yourself.

Knowing yourself sometimes seems the hardest thing to accomplish but it is the base for everything that you will build from this day forward.

Love – such a beautiful word.
Love – such an amazing feeling (well, at least the first part of it – being in love). Love sometimes hurts.
Love – such a magical state to thrive for.
Love – not the answer to your existence problems.

The answer is – it is whatever you want it to be. Yes, it is as simple as that. No matter what the question is, the answer is always whatever you want it to be.

How about love? What about it? Love is your choice. Love is Acceptance and The End Result of your journey.

There are multiple journeys you will take throughout your life.

  • A journey to self-discovery. This one is a never ending story. Most of the time, no idea where it ends but it always is a morphing, developing, and a changing thing that you can’t catch up with.
  • A journey to a short term goal. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of short-term goals. Things like buying something, getting a house or a car, adopting a cat or a dog, taking a class or getting a certificate, finding a new job, and etc.
  • A journey to become a better person. This is, more or less, a journey of learning life lessons and changing your understanding of the world and people around you.
  • A journey of your life. If there is a beginning, there is an end. The many paths you take, the many experiences you have, the many thoughts and feelings you encounter. There is no right or wrong, there is just a path you walk and choices you make. Every path is unique, every choice is the best you could have made at that point in time with the knowledge you had. And the journey will end….Nobody has escaped that.

Love for life itself is still not the answer to your problems but is the answer to something bigger. Love is just a side effect you experience when you allow yourself be. Love is, in other words, the peace in your heart, acceptance of circumstances, acceptance of as-is state at any point in time.

When you have doubts about anything, just let it go. Things will sort themselves out.
The silliest thing ever is that – no, Love won’t always win, Life will. The flow of things are not built around human beliefs that LOVE always wins, it is built around the fact that Life is just a combination of random events that might or might not be caused by your decisions.

Once you accept this randomness, love or state of content will become the answer. It will not be the tool, but it will be the state of mind you are in.



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