Don’t Tell Me What To Do

hamsterThe other day I was told: ” You are not serious enough, you know. You are not taking life seriously.”

And I thought to myself:” Thank you for reminding me not to get sucked into the rat race too deep.”

I don’t know about you, but when somebody tells me I am not taking life seriously, they are the last person I will take any advice from.

Life is too short to be a hamster in a wheel. It is too short not to spend it laughing, goofing around, and maybe sometimes spinning the wheel for the heck of it.

I like to keep my priorities straight. I am here to enjoy no matter what life brings me. I know I do not have much time. Yes, it might be 120 years or it might be just a day left but I am spending that given time the best way I can. I am laughing, I am smiling, and I am living while I am doing my job and working hard.

You can work hard and laugh while you are doing it. Being grumpy and dead serious doesn’t mean you do your job better and being silly and goofy doesn’t mean you are sloppy at what you do.

So, I am taking my life very seriously – not suffering, just enjoying.



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