This Is Not Happening


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You keep saying it either out loud or in your head but it doesn’t make it less real. For as much as I know, you can scream it out, it will still be as real as it gets.

Either you got a bleeding nose driving on a highway or you are watching your life fall apart right in front of your eyes, it is something intense and overwhelming. Either you believe that your life is real or just an illusion, pain, fear, sadness, or horror is as real as it gets. It is still an experience and you are in the middle of it.

There are things in your life that are out of your control but there are things that you can influence. There are only two questions that need to be answered. Can I change whatever is happening? AND Should I change whatever is happening?

You already have the answer as your subconsciousness is smarter than your EGO. Don’t fight with yourself just because you might not be comfortable or don’t want things to happen this way.

But, please tell me that This Is Not happening and you are not allowing people around you define your choices or how you live your life.

Also, please tell me that you are not allowing your past to define who you are today. Leave your past in the past and say – this is happening and I am moving on. I am choosing me and I am choosing my future that is based on whatever comes and not on what happened to me .

Life is a funny thing. It can be messed up because you believe you don’t deserve anything better.

Things or events can’t break us unless you let them. If you choose not to let doubts, pain, guilt, negative thoughts stay for a long time, your life suddenly seems a much better place to experience.

Negative and painful thoughts are not unique creatures who choose those who are weak. Strong and happy people also have them. The difference is, they don’t dwell on these thoughts. Thoughts come and go and do not stay because they are not welcome to hang around.

You believe that you deserve happiness, don’t you? Or at least, you want to be happy? well, then choose not to accept negativity, choose not to let negative thoughts linger around, choose to love yourself.

Remember that most of the time you regret things that you have not done. In this case, make that choice to do something that makes you happy, make a choice to do something that scares you and I promise you, you will be surprised what will come of it.

And then you will say with excitement – This is not happening, I am doing it, I am feeling it, I am living….


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