Living In The Moment

rain dropsIf I learned anything from losing Alex, is that living in a moment is very important. We hear these words almost daily – do what you love, say what you think, don’t hesitate to show how you feel, because tomorrow might be too late, and we almost never actually do it till it is too late.

Only a tragedy will lead you to a deeper understanding of the truth within you.

What does that mean? It just means that something tragic (literally or not) has to happen for you to realize what is important.

That moment when everything else (job, people, car, money, politics, etc.) seems irrelevant, you realize- you are on the wrong path or making wrong choices, or are in a wrong relationship, or pursuing a dream that is not yours, or you were just too busy to appreciate what you had.

These are only words to some of you but a painful reality to others.

So, today, learning from the best, I am asking myself:

After the fall, are you ready to get up?


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