Dear Stranger…

It just happened that today I was stalking you for entire 5 minutes as we were walking the same direction on opposite sides of the road.

It looked like you were having a fierce conversation with yourself and apparently did not agree with whatever solution you have come up with. Only if I could, I would have video taped every single facial expression of yours. It made me wonder, it made me concerned, and it made me smirk, and I almost laughed out laud at one point.

As mischievous as I am, I started to fill in the blanks and gave your gestures some voice . I am pretty sure you were quitting your job and all you needed is that grand departure that would leave everyone speechless and yourself proud.

From what I could tell your right side of the brain wanted you to flip them off and walk through a hallway like you own the floor. Your left side was not impressed and wanted you to tell them what you think about them and then walk away like you owned them.

In a heat of the argument righty got way too emotional and slapped lefty and suddenly it became a domestic violence incident in your head.

I am not sure how the argument ended as we spent only 5 minutes of quality time walking on the opposite sides of the road. I just hope that whoever won made a you a better person.


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