That Day Will Come

That day will definitely come when you have to make a choice to:

– live for yourself or live for others
– to accept or not accept a simple truth that It Is What It Is
– keep going down the path you have been struggling on or take a leap of faith and do something different
– be happy or be a victim

Life is not complicated even though most of the time it is hard to explain your choices. It is never about it being complicated, it is always about you making it complicated.


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2 responses to “That Day Will Come”

  1. Lois says :

    Life is all about choices. It never ends. The choices we make here on Planet Earth will only end when we no longer inhabit these earth-suits.

    We never have to prove or defend ourselves to anyone. What someone else thinks of me is none of my business. If they want to second-guess my choices or think I should have made a different one, it’s their issue, not mine. I don’t ever have to explain my choices to anyone. Ever.

    • Dace says :

      as simple as it sounds, there are lost souls out there. Some will come to this realization and some will never even challenge themselves to ask the questions: is there anything else out there?

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