I Am Disappointed In You

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This statement made at the wrong time, at the wrong place, and to the wrong person, can cause a lot of damage. In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, only a very ballsy, stuck up, and self-centred person can make such a statement.

It is silly to assume that you have to live up to someones expectations. It is even sillier to think that they have earned your respect or have the authority to assume that you care what they think.

You can be disappointed in the service that you have received.
You can be disappointed with the way things worked out.
You can be disappointed with yourself and choices that you have made.

But unless you are looking in the mirror, making the statement that you are disappointed with someone’s choices, makes you look extremely arrogant.

This statement comes with an assumption (almost a given one) that your choices have always been right and you are the person to look up to.

What kind of damage can it cause, you ask?
You don’t know what is going on in a person’s mind when you make this statement. If a person is in a bad place, if they are sensitive, if their self-esteem is low, if they actually have a deep respect for you and trust every word you say, this statement can cause irreversible emotional damage, and even loss of a precious life.

It can also damage your reputation if you have one. These words, I am disappointed in you, work only if you mean anything to the person you say them to. And no matter how much you think you matter, in reality, there are maybe a couple of people who would not think – who the hell do you think you are?

Even if you are: God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or whatever celebrity, you still have to mean something to the person you say these words to. In other words, we all live our lives the way we think is right. Sometimes our choices might not be the best ones, maybe we would not make same choices if we had been given a second chance, but maybe we would.

However, choices we have made have always been the right ones based on what we knew at that time. That is why you have to be really in love with the thought that you are someone special to assume that other people care what you think. You can’t compare your choices to someone else’s and that means – just let other people be and focus on yourself.

We are special, we are all unique, and we do matter but in a different way. We are never better or worse than people around us.


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