No, You will not live…

Courtesy of Darksouls

Courtesy of Darksouls

It blows my mind to know that society requests that you give away a huge chunk of your income in taxes and other kinds of deductions as dues for managing one’s nations relations. These relations include medical, roads, political, social, arts and etc. The whole point behind giving this money away is a promise that you will be taken care of.  Is that actually happening?

You have to pay taxes and your dues but society can choose not to take care of you based on who knows what.  You are not allowed to stop giving money but you are also not getting what you were promised either. How is this system better than gangs?

I was reading an article, more like a plea, about a 31 year old woman with cystic fibrosis. Doctors have come to a conclusion that the only way to save this woman’s life is to do a lung transplant. However, she has to pay for her own surgery. Government’s medical plan doesn’t cover this.

We are not talking about teeth whitening or braces or botox injections. We are talking about a life saving surgery. You work hard and you pay taxes. You pay these taxes so you are protected by the law, so you can get help when it is needed the most, so the government / community provides you the care you require when times are tough.

But, I guess, that is not how it works. You are required to pay taxes but they are not required to provide or they can choose what to provide or not. If you choose not to pay taxes, you will go to jail. But if the government decides to increase their wages and not fulfill the promise, they are not kept accountable. This is the most ridiculous thing about society today.

This is a one way street and it is definitely not going direction you need. You have to pray to all good spirits that nothing ever goes wrong.

When I was reading, all I could think is the conversation that is going on between the lines:

Woman: Please, I need help
Government: Sorry, can’t help you
Woman: I have been paying taxes, I have been working hard to contribute to this system
Government: Your surgery will cost us more than you will ever pay in taxes. And the money you have given us is not to take care of you but to use as we see it fit. And your surgery doesn’t fit with our vision.

In other words, you are replaceable. You are important only while you work and while you are healthy. Once you can’t pay and you are a drain on the system, you become disposable. So, no, you will not live because it is more convenient. You will live if somebody else steps up and gives you a helping hand. And then, when you recover, you shall pay into the system again.

Surprisingly, so many people still believe in the system and are blind to the truth of their own existence.


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4 responses to “No, You will not live…”

  1. Carolyn Page says :

    And this is the world in which we live, Dace; a world where the heart is forsaken. I agree, it’s a terrible thing when life is downgraded to a dollar value. We know the answer, and yet it will take time for the changes to come. Little compensation, though we are moving forward, ever soooooo slowly.
    As always, calm coupled with clear sight will eventually win the day.
    Were I to be that woman I would be striving to achieve something greater than a lung transplant (which one hopes becomes a reality for her). I would be striving to achieve self control and a strength to guarantee my own dignity, with a knowing of my own self love and respect. A huge battle for anyone in these circumstances.

    • Dace says :

      I agree Carolyn – self control and a strength to guarantee my own dignity. We never know what we would do, feel, say and be in those circumstances….

  2. lifeofawillow says :

    speak it sister! so true. appalingly accurate.

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