Mirror of Your Soul

mirrorDo you have that person in your life that calls your bullshit no matter how hard you try to hide it? You know, you spend hours talking and telling this great story how things are great or awesome in your life and at the end he or she summarizes it all in one sentence – bullshit.

No matter how hard you try to deceive yourself with sweet lies and convince yourself one way or another way somehow they see thru all that.  It seems like you are looking in the mirror, trying to tell yourself how beautiful you are, how nice your hair is, how stylish you are but at the end you actually only see the real you – someone who did not shower this morning, who has messed up hair and smeared makeup.

I am just wondering how many people would actually pick the bitter truth over sweet lies? How many people would choose a friend who sees past your bullshit, calls it and doesn’t think twice about it? And how many people would actually choose someone who doesn’t give a damn and ignores your inner struggles?


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5 responses to “Mirror of Your Soul”

  1. mihrank says :

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  2. Denise Hisey says :

    I’ve come to the conclusion that we are in the minority, Dace.
    Denial is a tantalizing seductress many cannot escape.

  3. scribblenubbin says :

    For me it’s my half sister. We weren’t raised together and she calls me on it every single time. I’m grateful to her and honestly wouldn’t change that for the world.

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