It Is What It Is…

victimI kept repeating it over and over again in my head and maybe a few times out laud. It was raining and the wind was strong enough to make me question my ability to stand on my feet.

Why don’t my sunglasses have wipers? I asked myself. It was a blessing to have them even though I couldn’t see where I was going.  I’d rather struggle seeing where I am going than dealing with cold rain drops and some hail smashing against my eyeballs.

I crossed my arms even harder to keep myself warm.  It is what it is…It is what it is…It was your choice. Nobody else made it for you.

It is so easy to blame somebody or something else for mishaps and bad choices you make.  You make a choice and instead of owning your choice, you blame, you point, you get angry, you lash out.

Oh, poor me! Oh, stupid mother nature! Oh, stupid people in cars. Oh, stupid useless umbrella…I kept walking in the rain, totally soaked, exhausted from fighting the wind. It is what it is, I kept reminding myself till it got funny.

The truth is – I could have turned around and waited for the bus. I could have made a choice not to walk home and go to the bus stop right away. I could have waited out. I made the choice to walk, knowing that I might get soaked.

And the moral of this useless blabbering is – I have no one to blame but myself. Even better. There is no reason to blame anyone, even myself. It is what it is – own your choices. And if the choice is not working out, don’t be stubborn, turn around (if possible).

There is only one person who needs to be happy – and it is you. If you can’t change what you have done or chosen, own it, and make the best of it. You CAN enjoy the ride regardless if that is something that takes your breath away or makes you cry. Everything is a journey – sometimes enjoyable and sometimes full of hate and pain but nonetheless a journey that you take.

Stop blaming… stop being a victim…


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6 responses to “It Is What It Is…”

  1. Carolyn Page says :

    It is so empowering when we ‘own’ it… (Everything is then under our power.)
    If I did it; I can undo it.
    If it’s my choice; I can change it… and on and on…
    Sooo empowering; never a victim..!
    Love this post, Dace..

    • Dace says :

      Yes, Carolyn – never a victim. And you are such an inspiration when it comes to living and not letting your past experiences define who you are.

  2. barbarafranken says :

    what a wonderful post and so so true… when we own something no matter in what circumstance we can look on the bright side and in this stormy situation own the fact that it was just what was needed to cleanse yourself, making yourself lighter from other peoples rubbish that tends to stick to us… take care, love Barbara

    • Dace says :

      “.. just what was needed to cleanse yourself..” – love this. Things that make us feel uncomfortable are reminders to do a check and make sure that we have not been pulled back in the mind games.

  3. Sue Dreamwalker says :

    ” Stop Blaming, and stop being the Victim.”..

    Personal Responsibility… 🙂 Great thoughts Dace..

  4. Clare Flourish says :

    Mmm. You could indeed go back to the bus stop, or call a taxi, but sometimes I have magical thoughts- oh, it can’t get worse than this, it will get better; or I get discouraged, and ploughing on takes so much energy I cannot look around for alternatives.

    Indeed, own it, but see what gets in the way of that.

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