Your Life Has No Value


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I was walking down the road saving worms again (shaking my head and smirking).  Yes, I am one of those crazy people who want to save the world, including worms. Ha..Ha…don’t worry, I do not spend my days walking around looking for every opportunity to save someone. However, if I am heading somewhere and I see a worm on the sidewalk, I will put in the grass.

I passed a guy as he was crawling and I was running late to work. A few steps later I stopped to pick up a worm that looked a bit exhausted. It was hard to pick it up due to his tiny size and it took longer than I expected. The guy that I just passed caught up and was curious to see what I was picking up. When he saw the worm, he frowned and made a hissing sound.

I picked up the worm, put it in the grass and thought to myself:  “..yeah..yeah…a** hole”. The rest of the day this episode was bothering me. I couldn’t believe that he was so cold and indifferent and had the nerve to let me know that he thought it was ridiculous.

To get some clarity I asked myself if there was something that would make me frown upon something that somebody was doing. Of course, I will not care about things that are not important to me. Do I care about people being sick? Yes, it is sad but as long as it is somebody I do not know it will stay just that “sad” and “wrong” but it will not hit home.

Same way as I do care about rain forests being cut down and children being raped in african countries just because men believe that sex with a virgin will cure them from AIDS, I do not go above and beyond as just signing petitions and admiring people who do something about it.

In other words, I feel sad about wrongs in this world but I do not care unless it hits home. Unless something bad happens to somebody I care about, it is not important.

Neither my life nor yours has value to others unless we mean world to somebody.  And for somebody if something bad happens to you, it is just a reminder of their own mortality.





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3 responses to “Your Life Has No Value”

  1. Sue Dreamwalker says :

    While we try to save the worms, I save spiders… lol… and they still give me the shivers but I save none the less, because the keep the flies down,.. Each has purpose, no matter how small…
    We may not like what is happening the world Dace, and often we cannot change the world… and those a*holes in it.. 😉 so all we can do is change ourselves… And try to detach from the outcomes of others actions and be responsible for our own to put value in that..

    Have a Good day…

    • Dace says :

      yes, Sue, you are absolutely right when you say we should detach ourselves from the outcome of somebody else’s actions. All my respect – saving spiders. I guess we need crazy people like you and I to make this world a little more integrated.

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