The Time is Now

Today is the day

Today is the day

Yes, today is the day. Not tomorrow or some other day, but “today”.  Somebody told me that one day they will make their dreams come true. I wished them good luck with that and thought to myself – “nope, you will not make your dreams come true”.

Not because the dream is silly and not because it can’t be done, but because that someday will never come. If your dream is not important today, it will never be important, and you will just keep postponing. There is always something else that gets in a way – family, job, bills, time, fear, beliefs…

We hide so well behind rationalization and we have an explanation for everything. We expect miracles. We are waiting for that perfect moment that never comes.

This also reminded me of Christmas and New Year’s resolutions. We promise ourselves to change, we make lists of things that we will do different and things that we will achieve but in reality it is bullshit. Christmas is not better than today. There is no difference between today, be it Wednesday or Friday, and Christmas. It is just a day. One day in our lives. One day that passes by and gets us closer to the day we die.  You know that at the end there is death, right? Nothing more and nothing less.

So why would you say that one day I will make my dreams come true and not do it today? Why would you waste your precious time not making yourself happy, not doing something that you will enjoy, not achieving goals that you know will make a difference, maybe not in somebody else’s life but definitely yours?

I am writing this because my mother made me really sad today. She made me realize that no matter how I try to explain to her that being happy is her choice, she will never be happy unless she changes her thinking and her attitude towards life. I have to give up on her no matter how much I love her. Yes, I do.

Do you know why?

Because I can’t live her life. I can’t make choices for her, I can’t tell her how to live and how to think. It is her journey and she has to find her own way. I can’t fight her battles. She has to…

My mother needs to find a way to come to a realization that her happiness is her own choice. She needs to realize that her dreams of being happy are dreams that will never come true unless she chooses to be happy right here right now. Not because somebody else makes her happy but because she makes a choice to be happy.

Whatever your dreams is – you need to go for it today. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not the day the earth stops spinning. You choose what to do with your life. Happiness and emotional fulfillment depends on your choices and not random life events and people. Your dreams become real when you choose them over your fears and beliefs.

That’s why the time is now. There are no detours… It is today and not tomorrow!


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9 responses to “The Time is Now”

  1. Noora says :

    This is such an important message. I always enjoy reading your inspirational posts. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. barbarafranken says :

    A wonderful post… and so so true… The time is now… the present moment is where creation is born… Barbara x

  3. urbanmythcafe says :

    A very wonderful truth.
    I say to myself daily “If not now, when?”

  4. Kitt Crescendo says :

    This post reminded me of my own mother. With her it’s a matter of letting go of old hurts and anger and moving on. She’s got a wonderful life, but doesn’t always fully appreciate it because she’s still got that anger clouding her heart.

    • Dace says :

      I hear you Kitt. Oh, those mothers. Sometimes I wish I could just flip a switch and make her forget. It would me much better if she would understand and make good choices.

  5. Holistic Wayfarer says :

    I think what you mean is not so much that the major hoidays are not special but that everyday is meaningful as much.

    On mother:
    yes, boundaries.

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