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There is a saying: “…do not judge unless you walked a mile in that person’s shoes…” . We all know the saying, we all understand it but only a few live by it.

How many of us have thought to apply the same principle when it comes to our lives? Step back and take a look at the journey through somebody else’s eyes.  It is a journey that you have taken to get here and it is a journey that you are on right now.

When you step back and forget all the rush, all the urgency, all pressing needs to take care of, all offenses, all the pain and hurt, all worries, you might see… You might see an amazing picture.

I am talking about reflecting back on everything you have experienced, every choice you made, every road you took, every chance you used, every chance that you allowed to slip by because you were afraid, every person you met, every person you lost, and the person you have become because of all previously mentioned.

Allow yourself to appreciate the journey that you have been on and open up to new adventures. Not that it will get better or worse but it will definitely bring new things – new awareness, new appreciation, new excitement…

You know that there are people out there that admire everything you have achieved and would love to have even a little piece of what you’ve got.  Yes, all your mistakes, all your failures, all your heart breaks, all your happiness.

That is why I suggest that you step back and look at yourself through somebody else’s eyes….You might even like what you see…


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2 responses to “Shoes…”

  1. Lois says :

    I like this post, Dace. It’s true – someone out there would love to have a piece of our lives, even if just a little bit. I truly enjoy going back over my life, the decisions, the lack of decisions, the people, places and things that have been a part of me and who I am. I love that my life is not the same thing over and over again, that I made my choices to live rambunctiously, whatever that meant at the time. Yes, it means that today things are not quite as stable or financially secure for me as they are for others my age who walked the straight line, who didn’t do the crazy stuff, who put one foot in front of the other and plodded on. But I would not trade any portion of my life today for one second of a life like that. And when I ask my son what he thinks of the life we had while he was growing up, he seconds that statement and that’s the best recommendation for rambunctiousness I could ever get. Thanks for the topic today!

    • Dace says :

      I knew you were the best person to comment on my post as you are a living proof of what I am trying to say. You are an inspiration to so many of us.

      Thanks Lois….

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