Love is Disgusting….

What is Real?

What is Real?

You know how they say – when you are in love, you do not see reality. You are living in a dream state. You seem way too happy. You do not notice things around you, you do not worry, you are living in the moment.

But I say – it is the real life. When you are in love, you are not living in a dream, you are living the way you are supposed to. You are supposed to love, you are supposed to be in love every single moment of your life.

Please, do not misunderstand and take it as an affection towards one person. No, you are supposed to be in love with your life, with your job, with your car, with Mother Nature, with Sun, with your pillow, with everything that comes your way either that is a person or a situation.

When you are in love, things sort themselves out in a very natural way. You see things for what they truly are. You pay attention to what really matters and do not see things, events, and emotions that are just waste of your time.

Do you really need to be upset because somebody didn’t do their report on time? Does your life really depend on a guy who keeps counting pennies to pay for his coffee and it takes way too long? Somebody scratched your car! So what….Nothing in this life is worth except living and enjoying living.

If being in love is the actual reality, real life, then what is the rest – the day-to-day stuff?

Will you be surprised if I say, that is a dream? Everything around us is just an imaginative creation.  It is just a perception of everything that happens. We interpret it as we see it fit depending on what mood we are in, thoughts we have , expectations, dreams, and desires.

So, I will say it again – when you are in love, you see things the way you are supposed to see them and you live your life how you are supposed to by defining your priorities. No, you do not owe anybody anything. No, you do not need approval to be who you are. No, you do not have to fit in and be live everyone else. No, you do not have to listen to your parents and make your choices based on their dreams. Don’t fill your heart with small unimportant stuff.

Yes, love is disgustingly awesome.


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4 responses to “Love is Disgusting….”

  1. Victoria Oldham says :

    That’s lovely Dace.

  2. barbarafranken says :

    I totally agree… I just made a post IAM reverence… life is about honouring it all in every small detail… take care, Barbara

    • Dace says :

      yes, you need to be able appreciate everything – good or bad. Some people to not realize that we ourselves choose if something is good or bad for us. We asign the meaning. Things just happen and they are just situations and things. We choose what it means to us.

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