Demons in The Sewer

internal struggle

Inner Demons

Do you have inner demons that you are fighting with on a daily basis? Have you noticed that once you are done with one of them, two are showing up to take its place? Have you noticed that it is a never-ending battle?

We live with a belief that we have to fight demons from our past to get ahead. We live with a belief that we need to learn to get over our childhood traumas to be able to have a good life and to achieve something better. Self help books, therapists, meditation, spiritual leaders and their teaching – all of them have something to say and to suggest. All of them have a plan how to get you out of the shit hole into a shiny future. However, have you noticed that somehow you always are the only one who is left behind?  It always works for somebody else but you. No matter how you try, it is never working for you and you always end up spending your money on useless books, seminars, conferences, and therapies.

Have you ever asked why? Of course you and once you ask this question, you stumble upon another guru who wants to teach you a new technique, give you hope that this time it is going to be different. The truth is – it will not. Why?  You know why, You already know the answer. And the answer is – it is all bullshit.

You know it but you still have hope that one day you will find that right book, right feeling, right words, right…whatever…that will get you out of the sewer. You have a hope that you will defeat your demons.

I was listening to an audio file and for some reason this was the first time I heard something that hit me right where it hurts. Not that this was the first time I listened to it but this was the first time I heard it.

I want to share this revelation that is not exactly a revelation but something well-known.

Our past and our past experiences are little and big demons that we try to fight, we try to overcome, we try to understand so we can get out of the sewer into the world without a baggage, without things that hold us back. However, we do not realize that if we choose to face them and fight them, we will never get out of the sewer because we are fighting these demons in the sewer and they just keep coming and coming and coming. Demons do not come to win, they are there to distract us from getting out.

What does that mean? that just means – forget it. Do not fight. Leave it where it is. Don’t forget where you want to be and go for it. If you pay more attention to what you need to overcome to get somewhere than actually getting there, you are wasting your time.


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One response to “Demons in The Sewer”

  1. barbarafranken says :

    Lovely post… you said nicely…. accepting all our yesterdays, even embracing them, cause they got us to this place now… today is the day we focus on and enjoy… Barbara

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