Crazy or So Last Millennium?

vegan-powerYes, I have gone off the rails.  I woke up one morning and made a decision that I regretted a few days later standing in the store and staring at the shopping cart.

Who came up with this idea? Of, wait, it was me.

I am going vegan for a week. Even better, I am going to kill myself, I mean, cleanse myself with the holly goodness.  Why only a week? Because I do not know if I can handle all the shopping that is required for one person a week. You should have seen the shopping cart. No, you should have seen the kitchen’s table.

If I survive all the juices and vegetable smoothies, I might consider the whole program that lasts 21 days.  Most likely, it will not be the juices or vegetables that will make me want to quite. It will be the juicing, blending, wrapping, peeling, cutting, and cleaning after the hurricane rolls over the kitchen.

I was terrified in the store when the reality hit – that is a shitload of food and we didn’t even get it all.  We got a few worried looks from fellow shoppers and I do not blame them. Why in a world would you need 20 sticks of celery and 3 huge bags of lettuce and 20 + lemons unless something is up?

If I was watching somebody piling all that green goodness in their carts, I would be worried about the end of the world or a zombie apocalypse. I would be worried that they know something that I do not.

You know, if they were selling self-sustainable pods or bunkers , I would have gotten one as I do need a place to store all those weeds we just acquired.

I am trying to stay calm and think – “….cleanse…vitamins…glowing skin…happy body…way too much fiber”.  Yes, I know, blog is not a place where you post about fiber but that is going to be something that I have to deal with.

Well, that makes me think that I also need to get a “hazard” sign and claim one of the bathrooms in case if…I am a responsible person and I do not want to put anybody in a harm’s way.  “Gas chamber” could become a reality.. J

So off I go with juices and smoothies…


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11 responses to “Crazy or So Last Millennium?”

  1. mickcgorman says :

    The shopping may be a chore but eating vegan is great, every cruelty free bite makes you stronger. 😀
    Enjoy the experience. 🙂

    • Dace says :

      yes and yes, Mick. Knowing that you might have saved at least one cow from being raised in inhumane environment is a great feeling. However, that shopping and extra time in the kitchen is just killing me. I guess, once I am familiar with food, I will not need to read instructions and recipies and that will cut down the time that it takes.

  2. Lois says :

    Enjoy your new eating experience! Sounds like a lot of work to me 😀 I just eat regular vegan food and it doesn’t take up any more space than food did in my non-vegan days. But then again, I don’t have space in my trailer for my juicer so I’m not doing any juicing right now and yes, that does take up a lot of space! Have fun!!!

    • Dace says :

      Oh, Lois, I think juicing is the best part of this whole vegan thing. I was laughing the other day that I might actually be a frutopian. However, I do love my hemp protein smoothies.

      • Lois says :

        I love my juicer, Dace! But I live in a space that’s probably half the size of your bathroom and have no space for it…. and juicing is not a requirement to be a vegan. Vegan simply means one doesn’t eat any animal products of any kind. Some people who are talking about a “vegan lifestyle” would define it as being one who uses no animal products in anything, including clothing, household items, lotions, etc. – no leather shoes, no leather belts, no leather anything, no “cream”-y soaps, etc. Reading the labels is critical to living a life without animal products because the animals hide in ways we don’t even realize under names that don’t sound even close to cow or pig.

        I was a fruitarian for awhile back in the 80s – I ate nothing but fruit. I didn’t juice all of them because I like to actually eat things, like chew them up. I love fruit but there’s not very much protein in them so it only lasted about 6 months or so 🙂

      • Dace says :

        yes, Lois, agreed. It is hard to be a vegan and it doesn’t require juicing. I think I should have been a bit more clear – I am doing the raw vegan cleanse and that requires juicing and blending, and a lot of GREEN chewing. 🙂 I am whining a bit as I am just not used to this. It takes a lot of time…

  3. Sheri de Grom says :

    I’ll be looking for a progress report. I’ve been vegan for 30 yrs. As a diabetic I don’t juice.

    • Dace says :

      I guess my update for today is – day 7 and I am still alive. But, holly cow, the time it takes in the kitchen is just amazing. I am not used to spending so much time juicing and blending. 🙂

  4. Carolyn Page says :

    Phew; I’m all tuckered out just reading about this…! 😉

    Dace, I do try to go as ‘green’ as poss, yet still eat some little things with ‘faces’…!!!

    I was vegetarian for a decade, and loved it. I’ve been a meat eater (once again) for another decade. I really can’t say that I’m ‘for’ or ‘against’. What I do know is that eating lots of green (and, for that matter, lots of coloured things) keeps me happy – and very regular – if you know what I mean.

    Good luck with it; you should be feeling the benefits I’m sure…! 🙂

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