Life Changing

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My Way To Truth

Recently one question keeps echoing in my head over and over.

Do you own the understanding of Freedom or your understanding of Freedom owns you?

What if my perception of Freedom actually keeps me away from being free? What if I don’t actually know what being Free means because I live by what somebody else told me Freedom is.

I guess, I will just let this question linger and if I am supposed to find an answer, I will.


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2 responses to “Life Changing”

  1. barbarafranken says :

    You said it…. What do you feel freedom is for you…. For me freedom is ‘my way’ although to no detriment to others…living in the moment depending how I feel, no past judgements, patterns… peace and harmony living in expanded consciousness…. and beyond our small mind… Barbara

    • Dace says :

      freedom to be is the greatest gift one can give to him (her)self. Understanding, more like feeling and being in it is something that some people still need to discover.

      Living with no judgment – is the step to living a more fulfilled life. Just being….

      thanks Barbara

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