Breaking Sanity: Lost Russia


” Travesty” Medvedev and Putin

Don’t you sometimes wonder how in a world certain people become presidents or prime ministers? People who have no idea how to do the right thing and lead their countries?

I was born behind the Iron Curtain and I grew up seeing and learning how you can re-write history books to suit your needs. I was never raised with hate towards a country I lived in or people I lived amongst. Quite the opposite, my parents raised me to put my head down and let other people tell me what to do, how to think, and never question neither government nor rules.

But times change, people change and our world should be becoming a better place to live in. I understand that there will always be people who thrive for power, people who want to be recognized, who want to be adored, loved, looked at and inspired by. However, we are talking about the government. Elected people who are chosen to make important decisions on behalf of others.

Russia claims to be a democratic country. I would beg to differ. I do not see any difference between the USSR and current Russia. People are still not free to be who they are. People are still fed lies about everything and everybody. Those who disagree are silenced, disappear or get killed. Government passes laws that are not protecting citizens. They pass laws that reflect their own beliefs.

What kind of government preaches freedom of speech but invents the law that limits what can be said and when and against whom.
What kind of government sends in cops in the middle of the night to confiscate art because the president doesn’t like what’s been portrayed?
What kind of government passes laws that separates families, destroys lives and makes their own citizens flee the country because they are afraid for their lives and their children?
What kind of country preaches hate and limits human rights, and still insists that it is Democracy?

In the middle of the night on August 26 Russian police seized a painting that portrayed Vladimir Putin in woman’s night-gown combing Dimitry  Medvedev’s hair. The painting, named “Travesty,” was made by artist Konstantin Altunin and it was  displayed at the Museum of Authorities in St.  Petersburg. Several other paintings were taken to be checked.

Altuin might be facing jail time up to a year as per Russian laws. Yes, there is a law in Russia that can be interpreted as you wish. It states that you can’t make fun of or talk bad about highly ranked officials.

That is not a democratic country. That is called totalitarian dictatorship.

I must say that Russia makes it really hard to like them or respect them.


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3 responses to “Breaking Sanity: Lost Russia”

  1. Naomi Baltuck says :

    It is very scary to see what it happening over there.

  2. Everyone says :

    This is a post of hate. “totalitarian dictatorship” what a joke. Russia seems to be one of the few sensible countries left in the world

    • Dace says :

      most likely says a Russian who has no concept of equal rights and who hates everybody who is diffirent.

      I hope that you will never have to experience on your own skin what it means to be hated by people you thought you belonged to. I hope that you will never have to face the day when your government decided to take your children away because they are cleaning the house and based on your eye color you do not fit the standard.

      I do not hate neither Russia or Russians but I do pitty Russian government and their stone age thinking and my heart goes out to those who suffer…

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