Question Everything

2013-08-17 12.34.58E very morning I walk to work. Those are my 30 minutes that I get to myself. The only time when I can reflect, think, process, and do a check – am I on the right path. Usually, I put my body into an auto pilot and let my mind wander.  I do not control, I do not steer my mind where i think it needs to go, I do not judge. I just let it flow. That is the way I know what actually is going on.

A few minutes into my walk this morning I saw a bus passing by with an advertisement on the side – question everything. To my surprise, I could not get that sentence out of my mind and I kept repeating it over and over like a little mantra.  Question everything – isn’t that the way to live your life? don’t take anything with a grain of salt. Don’t settle because somebody told you so.

If you do not question things in your life, you keep walking in circles repeating your parents mistakes.  Hell, you keep repeating everybody else’s mistakes and reliving their failures.

What does it mean to you to question everything?


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11 responses to “Question Everything”

  1. thinxtoomuch says :

    To me, questioning everything starts with questioning myself and my motives for wanting to do things. Like….is what I’m doing/saying contributing to progress of something/someone? Is what I’m doing/saying helpful/beneficial? If not, does it really need to be said/done by me? Right now?

    Questioning everything means not being chained down by the status quo, and allowing myself the freedom and responsibility to make new paths where the need to be.

    • Dace says :

      these are great words – “..Questioning everything means not being chained down by the status quo…” Being in motion, changing, finding the truth for yourself. Thank you for your comment.

  2. liz says :

    I love that you take the time during your walk everyday to simply be, and to be open to the signs of the universe. Beautiful! As for questioning everything, I agree with you. And I think of it as reflecting constantly. Never settling. Always dreaming. Pushing forward.

    Have a great day, my friend. xx

    • Dace says :

      and I think you are there in your life right now. You have to let things come to you . You know that you will find that place that will make your heart skip a beat.
      You have a beautiful soul, you have so much to give to this world and people who seek that – will find you…

  3. Jamie Ray says :

    I also use my walk to work (3 miles) to think things through. I like the phrase question everything because I tend to obsessively question the same things over and over again. Peace.

    • Dace says :

      i believe that we return to things because we have not made the right choice or we are avoiding the truth, Jamie.

      if your choice felt right, there wouldn’t be a need to question it.

  4. Kitt Crescendo says :

    To me question everything denotes a lack of faith in our fellow man…questioning their motives, their actions and the world at large. It sounds exhausting. I prefer to learn something, then formulate my own opinions. Of course that particular sentence leaves itself wide open for interpretation…LOL!

    • Dace says :

      ha..ha…thanks for a good laugh. Don’t you think that “..then formulate my own opinions…” means questioning everything and coming up with what is true for you?

      • Kitt Crescendo says :

        I suppose it depends on whether you’re more into philosophy, math or history. 😉 Philosophers definitely question everything. Historians tend to look toward the past and draw a conclusion. Mathematicians put two and two together and get their four. 😉 Really, I think it’s a matter of perception. I don’t tend to as questions per se, but look at actions and consequences from past events (mine and others) and draw my conclusions in that manner. I look at the beauty of nature and those moments that take us by surprise in a good way…maybe a hug from a friend at just the right time when you’re feeling low….or a phone call out of the blue…and I think “Someone (higher power) is looking out for me.” Some come to the same conclusion through questions… Personally, I find my way there through history and emotion.

  5. seeker says :

    This is what I keep saying to myself, too. Question everything

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