Things You Should Know

– The world is round but it doesn’t revolve around your EGO. However, it does revolve around your dreams. The whole world is a river of resources and all you need to do is  to use them to make your dreams come true.

– You will die no matter how much you ignore that fact. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is – are you living right now? Are you enjoying life?

– Most likely there is no God and you will cease to exist, and you probably are lying to yourself about all of it.   However, it also doesn’t matter because what other people think is irrelevant. What matters is – do you believe and do you choose to believe? It doesn’t matter if people agree or disagree. If faith or lack of it is something that you choose for yourself, then that is more important than the actual truth. You will or will not find out after your death, so why stress about it?

– Truth doesn’t matter. It doesn’t because it is different for everyone. It is your perception and how you see or interpret things that makes something true or not true. What matters is – what you do with what you got and how you make it work.

– You can agree to disagree.  You can both be right and there is nothing wrong with that.

– There are questions that will never be answered and there are things you will never find out.

– Past will not come around again, so there is no way you can change what happened. Move on!

– If you are making timelines for your life, you are wasting your time. You know better than anyone else – nothing ever happens how you imagined it would.  By the time you get there your plans have already changed. Go with the flow and enjoy it.

– No, you do not have to…whatever that is. Remember, you always have a choice.

– Everything is but a dream. You never know if you are asleep or awake.   Think about it! It is not real.


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  1. xbox2121 says :

    Excellent post I really enjoyed it !

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