Stop Running…. Listen…

400751_526537817393206_1419464422_nMost people are afraid to stop and listen to their inner voice because in the silence you hear the truth. The shit we do to avoid and hide the truth from ourselves is just amazing.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order to realize that you can’t go on like that any longer.  One day you wake up and it hits you – you are tired, you are afraid, you are weak, you hate yourself, you hate what you have become, you hate your life.

It is a painful and a very exhausting journey. You know that every saying is true and so is this “You can run but you can’t hide”. Whatever you are hiding from, whatever you are running from, it has never gone anywhere.  You can lie to yourself, you can pretend or ignore, you can even convince yourself but it will drag you down and as harder you try to avoid as scarier that moment will be.

What moment, you ask?

That moment when you will get smacked with the Truth. You might be looking in the mirror, you might be watching a movie, doing dishes, doing laundry, reading a book…or whatever you do. That moment that you dread so much. That moment when the truth pops into your awareness and you can’t deny it anymore. That moment when you in horror want to stop feeling or thinking due to the most overwhelming feeling that takes over you.

Once you get to that raw Truth, there is no place to go as you have hit rock bottom. You have to face your demons.

It is amazing how we can convince ourselves that ignorance will just make everything go away. We believe in miracles as we can’t, don’t want to or choose not to face the Truth, and deal with it.  People come up with amazing things to keep themselves busy, so they just don’t have a moment to close their eyes and just be. If you have a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath, and guess what – the truth is right there sneaking up on you.  Then you get scared and you keep running, you keep lying to yourself, you keep rationalizing, you keep convincing yourself, you refuse to feel.

I understand that you might be scared to allow yourself to feel and to realize the truth, but have you ever asked yourself – what are you missing out on? What are you actually running away from? And what if the truth in reality is not as scary as it seems.   Are you happy right now? And do you think that you are given multiple lives to be happy?

You know that if you face your demons, it will be scary for a second but then you will have a happy life as you will stop running, you will not have to hide, and you will feel peace and harmony? You will be you…


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12 responses to “Stop Running…. Listen…”

  1. Kitt Crescendo says :

    So true. Sometimes silence can be so loud and scary we run to the nearest noise, hoping to create a distraction to escape facing our own truths. It takes true substance to be able to stand still and confront ourselves.

  2. Victoria Oldham says :

    Dace, I always love reading your blog. I’ve been working myself to the bone and rarely listen to myself anymore…thank you for the reminder. Beautifully said, as always.

  3. Kimi says :

    You just wrote everything I feel right at this very moment.. =(

  4. Lisa says :

    wow just how i feel

    • Dace says :

      Lisa, the Truth will set you free. It is never easy but at the end it is worth…You will understand that actually you are not running away from the truth, you are running away from yourself.

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