Isn’t this a TABOO topic? Most of us go through life like we are immortal behaving like death happens everywhere else but here, not in our lives, not close to home.

The moment thoughts of losing somebody dear crosses our minds, we try to push them out and bury them. We do not want to think as thinking hurts so much that we are afraid that we will not be able to function if we let these thoughts linger around.

If we get hurt or die, it is different from losing somebody that matters to us – a partner, a pet, a friend, a family member…If we die, then nothing matters anymore. If somebody else dies and we stay, the unbearable pain and emptiness will always be with us. We have to learn to live and enjoy life without them.

We know that nobody escapes death. We all will die sooner or later. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 minutes or it could be in 50 years – nobody is safe and that is the only truth we know.

Does knowing change your view of life? Does knowing change choices you make? Sometimes…
We still have a natural tendency to hide from fear. Knowing and understanding has nothing against fear.

You might try to face FEAR, you might choose to ignore it and go on like nothing happened and nothing will happen, you might want to turn to religion that promises eternal life, you might turn to atheism that acknowledges non-existence, or you might choose to cherish every single moment of your life and live like there is no tomorrow without knowing or needing to know what happens after death.

When you face death, when it hits you where it hurts the most, you start realizing how fragile we are. We realize that it takes a second to go from being to not being. Sometimes you don’t even have time to say goodbye.

I can talk for hours and still not get anywhere, and not be able to come to any conclusion except already known statements:

– choose to be happy
– choose to follow your dreams
– Choose to live for yourself
– Surround yourself with people who bring joy and happiness to your life
– walk away from everything that is not making you a better person
– walk away from beliefs that are not yours
– choose to smile every day
– realize that there is nothing wrong with this world or people in it
– love what you do and do what you love
– do not let anybody tell you who you are and what you need to be or becomes
– inspire yourself and those around you just by being yourself and being proud of who you are
– forgive yourself and forgive those who have done you wrong in the past as you live today right here, right now
– appreciate those who choose to be around you and who want to have you in their lives
– don’t be afraid to reach out to those who matter and enjoy time with them as tomorrow might never come or tomorrow might be too late
– realize that fear is a taught feeling and it keeps you away from living a fulfilling life. It keeps you away from doing things that might make you happy. But fear will not keep you alive or will not postpone your death. Then why do you let FEAR rule your life?


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6 responses to “Death”

  1. Kitt Crescendo says :

    Life is too short to do anything else. Plus, the other way leads to all sorts of regrets and not enough living. 😉

  2. Lois says :

    I grew up in a family that shoved anything to do with death (the deaths of humans, anyway) under the rug, flattening it out so it didn’t even make a bump. Once I set out on my own at 17, I decided that death was not to be a secret, or a “bad” subject, and would not be taboo. I began to face it head-on. I visit people in the hospital that are dying, especially if no one else will go; I talk about it with anyone who wants to talk about it; I don’t shy away from it. Your bullet points are the reason why – life is here to be lived, however we choose to do that, and I think making the most of every day we’re given here on Planet Earth is the best way we can do that.

    I say: Face the fears, suck it up, go/do anyway! You may never get another chance! I don’t understand people who are afraid of doing things that might stretch them a little – isn’t that what we’re here for?!

    You’re a shining example of my own philosophy, Dace – that’s why I love you!

    • Dace says :

      I have learned so much from the way you look at the world, Lois. I have to thank you for being a huge part of my life even though we have not met yet.

      You inspire me as you are full of love for life and appreciaation for everything that comes your way.

  3. liz says :

    outstanding post!!

  4. xbox2121 says :

    I have debated for awhile now about several post I have in mind about preparing for death I posted one a few days ago just about wills and being prepared for death most of my best followers however ignored it I think most people don’t want to thank about it much less prepare for it

    • Dace says :

      I totally agree with you. People are afraid to die and they do what it takes to ignore the fact that it is coming for all of us. As they say – you can run but you can’t hide.

      Wouldn’t it be easier if people would just accept the fact, get ready, and keep living?

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