Do you ever wonder how Mother Nature makes complicated things simple and beautiful? Do you ever wonder why, even though you are not much more different from any other creation, your life is nothing but “complicated”?

Do you ever wonder “why” but almost never get an answer? So is the majority of people. You might never get an answer and it is as simple as it gets. The reason you are not getting an answer is – you already know it. You might not understand it, accept it or want it, but you know the answer.

Deep in your heart, deep in your soul there is awareness. Mother Nature is simple. It goes with the flow of events and never judges them but you do.

People make things complicated – with their thoughts, with their wants, with their wishes and understanding of what it is that will make them happy.

Imagine yourself on the beach watching sunset. You are amazed by the beauty of it. At that point, you are free of judgment, beliefs, thoughts, rights and wrongs, good and bad. You are there in the moment and for a split second you feel what it means to be free. You simply exist…

The joy and sadness of the knowledge, that you choose to allow others to determine how your life goes, can make or break you.

Life is not about creating that perfect YOU with perfect partner, with perfect family, perfect career, and perfect house, but it is about seeing an imperfect self, imperfect others on a simply perfect journey.

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About Dace

I am perfectly imperfect!

3 responses to “Simplicity”

  1. Kitt Crescendo says :

    That’s quite an astute observation! We DO manage to complicate almost everything in our quest for perfections because we focus on the imperfect and fail to see the beauty in the journey…and miss the perfect moments along the way.

  2. xbox2121 says :

    You have a very interesting and thoughtful site here!

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