The Box is Now Open

wpid-IMG_20130604_111653.JPGWhen you stop for a minute, close your eyes and ears, and take a deep breath, life still goes on.

When the Universe starts bringing all kinds of odd things in your awareness and you get scared, remember – it is because it is time to stop and take a deep breath.

Fear is a constant entity in our lives. It will never go away, it will never disappear. You might be able to cover it up, you might be able to lie to yourself, but somewhere deep inside, it is still there, it is still lurking around the corner.

When the FEAR pops into your awareness and gets so strong that it scares the shit out of you, face it. Think about it. Lose your cool. Get scared, let it in and let it consume you, and when you are done being afraid, as that moment will come (it always does), just relax and let go.

Fear is like a whirlpool – the more you try to avoid it, the more additional things to be afraid of just suddenly appear like little crawlers crawling out of every corner, every dark spot, every shadow.

Once you surrender and let it take over for a few, it gets old really fast. It might be a struggle for a while but there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. You can be afraid only for so long. And yes, there is a big difference between surrendering to the flow of life and avoiding it.  Loss of control (panic) is not the same as surrendering.

Fear is not physical or real. It exists only in your mind and intensity of it is determined by you and only you. So, open the box and let it out…or let it in!

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5 responses to “The Box is Now Open”

  1. liz says :

    beautiful! 🙂

  2. Kitt Crescendo says :

    That’s a great point. Regardless of where you are in life these moments come. I’m learning that for me, it means I’m headed in the right direction. Well said.

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