Blogging To Make a Difference

confused and agitated“..if I have made you uncomfortable, mad, confused, and maybe even agitated, then I have done a great job..” – these words are like music to my ears especially if those words are addressed to myself.

Some people ask me why I blog. Hell, sometimes I ask myself why I do it. And the answer is as simple as it gets – I blog for myself. I make a difference in my own life.

Yes, I could write a journal and be happy. No, not really! I want myself to be uncomfortable and I want myself to be agitated as that is the way I grow.

People stop by, they agree or do not agree with the way I see my world. They leave a comment, they write me a personal note, they challenge me and they show me a different perspective.

As this world runs on synergy – we are all connected. I have something to say and there is somebody out there who needs to hear it, and vice versa.

So… I blog to make a difference in my own life and those around me.


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I am perfectly imperfect!

6 responses to “Blogging To Make a Difference”

  1. Lois says :

    Rock on, Dace! Me, too! I love that we’re connected 😀

  2. Joanna says :

    I love this !

  3. Kitt Crescendo says :

    I blog for several reasons. For me it’s partially a warm up process for my “serious” writing. It’s also for the sense of community, connection and affirmation that happens in this universe. It’s a way of strengthening my dedication and resolve regarding my art.

    • Dace says :

      some blog for others, some blog for themselves, some blog to be famous, some blog to make a difference, some blog to get their point accross, some blog for fun, some blog to cause damage and etc…

      But, regardless reasons, we are meeting amazing people in this virtual world, we connect, we share, we learn

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