Total Destruction…

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Love is something that poets, writers, philosophers, painters, and artists have tried to capture in words, thoughts, feelings, paintings, sculptures, pictures, and concepts but have never been able to.

Love is not something you can describe. It is something you feel, live through, and experience.

Once in a while, you meet somebody that you have this amazing connection with. I call it the “Click” and I have talked about it before in some previous posts. That Click is something from a different dimension. It is not just fascination with another being; it is not just appreciation or physical attraction; it is a connection that grabs you so deep that sometimes it feels like it is going to kill you.

It takes everything you have – your heart, your thoughts, your feelings, your soul and it seems that there is nothing left. You know it is different from everything you have ever felt – it is not a crush, it is not even falling for somebody, it is so deep, so dark and so uplifting at the same time that it annihilates your world. It questions everything you have ever known about yourself, it kicks you off your feet and stomps you in the mud of your own thoughts and feelings.

It is a feeling that makes you face your biggest fear – losing yourself, losing self-control, losing your mind, and losing everything that you thought was true. You can’t be around them but you also can’t live without them.

All we can do is to live one day at a time and see where this journey takes us. We do not know what tomorrow will bring but it is a new day.

You will come to a realization, sooner or later, that this Click will never go away. Every day, every minute, every breath you take, you feel that person – you feel their thoughts, you feel their happiness, you feel their sorrow, you feel their joy, and it scares you. You have never met anybody like this and you have never had a connection with another human being that allowed you to feel so deep…

This Click will never change and it will always be a huge part of your life. And there is nothing you can do about it. You can try to ignore it, you can try to run and hide, you can try to convince yourself that you do not feel, you can try to suppress these feelings but you will struggle for the rest of your life.

The Truth is – by doing all that, you are robbing yourself of an amazing experience. You are robbing yourself of an amazing feeling that might hurt but which brings life back in to you, which makes life more enjoyable and discovers things about you that you did not know existed.

Don’t ask why as nobody knows. One day clarity will come. It will come out of nowhere and you will understand, and things will fall into place.

Love is worthy the pain if it brings new awareness, if it brings you back to life, if it reminds you that you are capable of loving without expectations, conditions, and limits.

If I had to choose between living my life without knowing what real love is and experiencing the Click that makes me feel so emotionally naked and vulnerable and that might actually kill me in the process, I would not hesitate – I would choose the Click even if I knew I would never be able to be with that person. I’d rather take the friendship than not have that person in my life at all.

I’d rather love and bleed than not know what it means to feel such a love towards somebody – a friend or a partner. Life is so short and chances to meet somebody so amazing are really slim. It is a blessing and the most amazing gift that Universe can give you as there are people out there that have never loved and will never be able to experience the Click.

Yes, sometimes it hurts to breathe. Yes, sometimes it feels like your heart is going to explode in small pieces and you will never be able to glue it back together. But what a ride!

Don’t run – it is pointless and it will cause more damage and pain than staying and going along for a ride. If you run, there will always be that unfulfilling emptiness in your heart and feeling that you are missing a huge piece of your life.

Love is like the Universe – unlimited energy that fills you and brings joy into every aspect of your life.

Love brings an awareness and understanding that all your beliefs, your convictions, ego, need for money, need for fame, recognition, and status have no value.

I have been blessed as I have experienced the Click twice in my life.  I have been married for 8 years and I still get butterflies when I look at my partner.  It feels like we just met as I am in love with her as much as I was at the beginning of our relationship.  And I am friends with the other person that I have the emotional Click with.  They mean a world to me as it seems like we have known each other since…forever…I love who she is, I love what she brings to my life and, most of all, I love her for the amazing friendship that we have. The depth of our connection is just out of the world…

Love brings clarity and challenges you to live your life authentically.


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