Lights Off

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a bubble trying to answer a question: when did lights go off? That could be a bubble filled with thoughts or a bubble filled with feelings.  It’s dark, it’s scary, it turns your life upside down.

As harder and faster you try to figure out what you think and feel as faster thoughts and feelings spin around, and as harder you get slapped. You know yourself so well that thoughts and feelings reach so deep and slap the hell out of you.  At some point you can’t handle the pain anymore and you stop. You do not want to think or feel anymore. You stop trying and just give in.

That is when you realize – those are not thoughts or feelings that you do not trust, you do not trust yourself.

So, you are in the dark staring in the face of, so-called, Trust demon…Now what?


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2 responses to “Lights Off”

  1. liz says :

    thinking of you, dace. xo

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