Taking Chances

courtesy of Google images

courtesy of Google images

Life is a silly thing.  You never know what it will bring. You think that you got this whole thing figured out when it hits you in the place where it hurts the most.

I guess, the journey you take, is the one for you and just you. You have to allow yourself to be free from opinions, beliefs, and convictions.  The load is never too heavy to bear. You have to trust in yourself and the Universe. You have to trust that whatever happens happens for the best and that at the end of the turmoil you are going to live a life that suits you.

Sometimes you have to take your chances even when it feels that you are jumping off the ledge. Of course, you can never figure out the future, but you can take a chance and go with a flow. Let the life take you where you have to go.

And, yes, sometimes you have to take the chance and let whatever is inside you to come out to play, to laugh, to cry, and to do whatever you desire the most as you have to live in this world and see it your way. You have to understand that you have to live your own life and never fit in as fitting in means being an average and living a life that somebody else has chosen for you.

Sometimes you just have to let go…

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4 responses to “Taking Chances”

  1. mickcgorman says :

    Reblogged this on mickcgorman and commented:
    Dace always posts something inspirational just when I need it most. 🙂

  2. liz says :

    Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration!! Beautiful!

  3. The Fun Fearless Female says :

    The very thing I needed to begin my work week!

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