It Takes Just a Minute…


“..They say it takes a minute to find a special person. An hour to appreciate them. A day to love them. And an entire life to forget them…”


It is amazing when it happens. It really takes just a minute to meet somebody who will leave an amazing impact on your life.

Have you ever met somebody who turned your life upside down or inside out within a few moments? It doesn’t have to be a love interest. It could be just a person who touched you so deep that it messed you up and you know that you will remember them for a long time…

Also, remember, you are that one special person for somebody in this world. Your smile, your words, your existence means a lot to somebody.


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9 responses to “It Takes Just a Minute…”

  1. Victoria Oldham says :

    I have had it happen. It can both rock and destroy your world, but the connection never goes away.

    I hope this is something wonderful you’e experiencing?

  2. johannisthinking says :

    You are so wise for someone so young! Yes—it is true!

    • Dace says :

      ha..ha…thanks. You are so kind. According to my math, I could have had a child at least 15 years old by now. I may look young but my drivers license says something else…

  3. mickcgorman says :

    You are a wise old bird! πŸ˜€
    Your writing always brightens my day with its insight and optimism. πŸ™‚

    • Dace says :

      thank you. People and their blogs inspire me to think and write about things. So many amazing people with so many amazing stories…I could write and write and write. Thank you for being one of them

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