Take The Exit To…

imageToday is one of those days when I question my own sanity as everyone else seems going nuts.  When you look around and everyone else seems crazy, you just can’t help to think that most likely the world is still the same and it is you….

Hold on! It is not you, it is me..ha..ha..Yeah, I am familiar with that saying.  I know that I am not sane and most likely I am even crazy but that is the beauty of this journey that we call Life.

I know, it is mating time. Spring is knocking on the door and basic instincts are kicking in. Wait a minute, aren’t we the intelligent kind and not animals? Right…sorry, forgot about that. Also, it is Calgary and we have only 2 seasons: winter and summer. It is not summer, so…it is still me, not the World.

I am standing in the hallway at work, looking at the EXIT sign and thinking – the hell with …with…whatever it is. Then I smiled because I remembered Liz’s post “own your moments.”

This is a paragraph that caught my eye:

“….you know, life is not easy. obstacles and difficulties and fears creep into our sunny days and make us want to give up. and then there are the days that we just want to hide under the covers. we wonder what the point is. or if we will ever feel good again. sometimes it just feels really tough and really hard and really lonely. it’s easy for me to get caught in these feelings actually. especially when life isn’t giving me exactly what i had planned, or when i simply feel exhausted and uninspired….”

OWN YOUR MOMENTS – what an amazing statement, which basically says  – live right here, right now, and if you do not like the moment you are in, change it. There is always an exit that you can take. And, honestly, you can take an exit to whatever or wherever you please. There are no limitations except the ones in your head.


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5 responses to “Take The Exit To…”

  1. carolynpageabc says :

    I’m in a strange mental place at the moment, Dace. You know that place where you are not ‘what you were’ and yet you haven’t figured out what you are becoming..!?! That’s me… I hope to write about it soon; I hope (the intrigue is killing me..)!
    So true – Own Your Moments – That sure would feel comforting if I could appreciate what my Current Moments Are..! Haha.. To say I’m a little confused would be quite correct..! 😉
    Never fear though; I’m a valiant worker for the better; I should be there soon…! 😀
    Loved this post; it brought lots of thoughts to the surface…

    • Dace says :

      don’t fear of what you are becoming as you are setting yourself free. Go with the flow! It is amazing to watch yourself go from something stable and well known to something that is so new, so exciting and so confusing.

      And remember, you would not be going there if you were not ready and if you didn’t want. Awareness and waking up can be scary but once you see you do not want to go back.

      • carolynpageabc says :

        Totally agree, Dace…
        Not scared; more angry… I’ve just had a wonderful chat with my daughter (and friend). I came to the conclusion that I’m pis*** off with the ‘lack of change’ about me (in my work, dancing, my friends, etc.). Naturally, I have no right to be pis*** off with the choices others make within their lives. However, I do have complete command over my own. I NEED to be improving myself or I feel stagnant and pis***. So, in order to be ‘true to myself’ I will go forward, regardless of the opinions and beliefs of those around me. I shall not expect change from them (that is not my business) and I will enjoy those with whom I feel a certain unity (you being one of those who I feel enjoys the freedom that self knowledge can bring).
        Thank You, Dace, I enjoy you so much…. Viva la freedom..! 🙂

  2. johannisthinking says :

    Mindfulness…it has freed me…yet, I have so far to go..I like your words: “OWN YOUR MOMENTS – what an amazing statement, which basically says – live right here, right now, and if you do not like the moment you are in, change it. ” beautiful!

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