The World Is Not Broken

treeThe World is not broken, it is perfect the way it is – said my partner and walked out of the coffee shop. Some people understand that and some don’t.

Once a person accepts the fact that we all are perfect the way we are and there is nothing to fix or improve, life is much more enjoyable.  I am not talking about standing still and I am not talking about doing absolutely nothing about things you think or feel might need to be different.

I am talking about a simple thing – we are perfectly imperfect and you should change or make an effort to do something only when it comes to your awareness and you are inspired to do something. If whatever you change comes easy and feels right, then the change is good.

However, if you are changing because you think you need to follow the trend, you need to conform to standards, you feel like that is what you need to be happy or you think that you need to do something to fit in, to do the right thing, to be normal, to be understood and accepted, then this change is not going to do any good neither to you or somebody else.

There is a huge difference between “I think” and “I feel”. I think is based on beliefs and I feel is based on your soul that knows.

When you change inside, you change the way you see the world and you change the world around you.  The world doesn’t need fixing. You do not need fixing.


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I am perfectly imperfect!

2 responses to “The World Is Not Broken”

  1. carolynpageabc says :

    You are so good at this…!
    I am constantly changing in a manner that is not contrived; it is a natural reaction to my constantly changing psyche. I am, in effect, maturing… Simply, easily and without fuss…

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