Voices In My Head

65263_10151460125744846_983343081_nIt is quite disturbing to listen to them once in a while to kick in and tell you what to do or not to do.  And sometimes they make so much noise that it is hard to think.

Regardless, who you are, we all have those little convictions of what is right and what is wrong, what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Sometimes it is your mother’s voice, your dads, teachers, priests, and sometimes your own thoughts pulling you in different directions. Annoying but entertaining for sure.

Carolyn made me think of something that I am way too familiar with – Why some people avoid or refuse to be happy? My entire family is like that. They just refuse to see positive and always see the negative, and everything that could go wrong.

They just don’t know how to be happy. They don’t know what that is and how to feel joy when something good happens. It is so much easier to be unhappy and be always upset about something.

Sometimes I think that is their life’s purpose – to find as many negative and bad things about themselves and everything that is around them to prove to everybody and mostly themselves that they are just victims of a well oiled machine called Karma. It is not their fault. Life is not fair. Good things happen to everybody else…


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3 responses to “Voices In My Head”

  1. knittedfog says :

    My voices are ALWAYS helpful. If I just listen carefully.

  2. carolynpageabc says :

    Isn’t it so nice to be one who can see ‘all’. Naturally, there are many sad and bad things surrounding us, they are easy to see and dwell upon should we allow. However Dace, like you I enjoy seeing ‘all’. I don’t believe it always comes naturally for humans to see ‘objectively’. I do believe (for most) it is a learned thing; tinged with a desire for something better.
    I too have a family whose response to most situations is in the negative vein. Even as a young child I knew I didn’t want to think as I knew others thought. That type of thinking isn’t reality. Reality is a mixture; a mixture of ups and downs. Why place emphasis in only one aspect…! And why consider either as final… Everything is in constant change. And thank goodness for that….

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