Have You Seen This?

mad stickmanI just can’t help it. It’s been killing me for days. The other day I tried to watch Oscars and I had to mute the beginning of it. Are we there to award the best filmmaking and actors or are we there to find out what they are wearing and how good they are wearing it?

Maybe I am over reacting and maybe it is extremely important for my well-being and somebody’s else’s life depends on whether Ben Affleck got his shirt in Wal-Mart or Gucci gave him that for free.

I want to see performance, I want to hear humor, and I want to see awards go to those who have done an amazing job by educating, playing, and just entertaining. I definitely do not want to see entertainment channel rate women and their dresses as that is what this whole thing is about.

However, I think it is not the fact itself that there is a 2 hour pre-event evaluation of outfits, as much as how worked up and serious some people get about it. They rate, they write reviews, they say nasty things and most of the time there is nothing about their roles in movies, their ability to act or what contribution to art or history they have made.

And the first question when somebody walks through the door – what are you wearing? Really? You can’t be serious. How about asking, how many children did you save today from starvation? What are you doing with your fame to make this world a better place?


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7 responses to “Have You Seen This?”

  1. mickcgorman says :

    It’s a good job we are not all judged in this way, I am not known for my sartorial elegance! 😀 I am a bit of a scruff really.

  2. carolynpageabc says :

    You know, Dace; I couldn’t help but think about all that you’ve said plus the fact that ‘such an event’ holds court on the world stage for many a moon. It gives magazines content for weeks; the newspapers are full of it for days; TV hosts have material for a number of shows, and we as a public are bombarded by the opinions of those typing away at their desks in their insecurities and general meanness (mostly) about those who are ‘out there’ having a go. Who would be an ‘actor’ or an entertainer of any kind if it wasn’t a burning desire within them to do so? Only such a desire could outweigh the bombardment of (general) small minds who live off them.
    My hat certainly comes off to them. Boy oh boy; it mustn’t be easy..!

    • Dace says :

      it just makes me speechless. What a fuss about a piece of closing! I can understand that for some people looking good means living. But to pay attention to who got what for free and how well they picked, is just silly to me.

      Isn’t it all about how amazing you are and how unique you are and not the ribbons, splits and tags?

      yes, I agree….it is tough to live your life paying attention to the outside more than to the inside . A good harmony between both doesn’t hurt anyone

  3. liz says :

    i am soooo with you on this! i get totally frustrated and annoyed at what seems to be prioritized in entertainment, in the news, in the world. where are our priorities, by the way?!

    • Dace says :

      Some people are just lost and way too confused. Of course, there is nothing wrong with liking fashion or even living within the fashion world itself but there is everything wrong with being consumed by it.

      • liz says :

        agreed. i am most definitely materialistic person in many ways. but, i work hard to balance. and i just worry about those who get sucked into the whole image thing. i wish for everyone so much more. xo

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