The Dark Humor – Door To Door

Photo By Mari Lewis

Photo By Mari Lewis

I can’t help it. I have to share this. This story brought tears to my eyes. Not to mention that I was oxygen deprived for a few seconds due to lack of breathing ability.

I would love to have been part of the conversation and see the Politician’s priceless facial expression.

I have to admire the mother as it takes hell of a sense of humor to pull this off with a straight face and look like you actually mean it, and that you will not hesitate to follow through if required.


Politician at door: (blah blah blah)…and my strong commitment to traditional family values, as my wife of 28 years will attest.

Shade’s mom: Sir, I don’t care if you have orgies every Tuesday night so long as you get your job done.


Shade’s mom: Also, if “traditional family values” is a sneaky way of saying “anti-gay marriage stance,” you should know that my daughter is bisexual, and if I never get to cry at her wedding because some law you passed made her wedding illegal, I will personally see that your wife of 28 years has a lesbian awakening in time for you to discover the virtues of traditional divorce.

Politician: …you have yourself a nice day, m’am.



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10 responses to “The Dark Humor – Door To Door”

  1. liz says :

    omg. so. awesome. 🙂

  2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says :

    I wanted to share your blog with my followers and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You may pick the award up at:

  3. mickcgorman says :

    I have had conversations with politicians at my door when they chunter on about “too many foreigners” draining the resources of our country and then I point out that my wife is “foreign” They usually leave promptly. 🙂

  4. carolynpageabc says :

    Now that gave me a good laugh…! 😉
    I used to have fun with certain ‘religious’ sects who came to my door to encourage me to join their faith. They would soon leave when I told them I spoke to ‘spirit’…
    I know; I know…. that was a mean and nasty thing for me to do… hahaha…
    Seriously though, it allowed me to appreciate that my experiences were just as valid as the next guy’s. And, who the hell was anyone to tell me that my experience wasn’t as valid as his… 😉

    • Dace says :

      I have flirted with a few that stopped by but it never seemed appropriate to threaten them like this. Funny….

      What’s wrong with speaking to spirit? isn’t that something awesome?

      • carolynpageabc says :

        Yes, perhaps this particular woman went a tad overboard… I guess anger, disappointment and frustration can do that…!

        Speaking to spirit (for me) is just as natural to me as breathing air; it is just another aspect of who I am. These days it sits comfortably however, back in the day (when I was coming to terms with finding my identity, etc.,) it caused me some angst and a sense of separation. I believe each and every one of us goes through our own individual road to acceptance, which can be quite heart-breaking, soul numbing, and even soul destroying for some. Our differences can ‘single us out’ in the minds of some. An instantaneous attitude about us can be reached due to stereotyping, etc., by smaller minds. And even they (the small minded) are a particular ‘type’ too. When seen in the light of my own understandings, those types need our understanding in regard to their (obvious) limitations. When we can truly appreciate that, I believe it is because we have finally accepted ourselves… We appreciate the attitudes of others cannot take away our ‘core’, our true self.

        Can still evoke anger and frustration (at times) though, because it highlights that ‘change’ is required in the minds of man; change that will bring about acceptance of the differences that make us unique. I have a certain degree of acceptance of this dance, and wish it did not have to be such a long dance. However, change is slow for man; we are a stubborn breed…! 😉

    • Dace says :

      can’t agree more: “…change that will bring about acceptance of the differences that make us unique…”. You said it. You do not have to agree or understand but you have to accept and respect this uniqueness.

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